We Chat to Jesinta Campbell about Her Time on Celebrity Apprentice Australia

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So my lovely friend Jesinta Campbell has been an outstanding contestant on the debut version of Australia’s Celebrity Apprentice and I didn’t expect anything less from her.  She’s done herself proud in what she’s achieved on this show, she maintained her dignity and integrity throughout not matter what circumstance she was put in!  She’s someone to admire and respect and is definitely a brilliant role model for people any age.  But a big congratulations must go to Julia Morris on her win, what a tight race it was and the last four standing were all deserving of winning!

So Jes and I had a quick chat about her time on the show, what she learnt, the best bits and just how much fun she had:

Sassi: Jes, you didn’t win but everyone has fallen in love with you and you are a winner in so many other ways, what has been the highlight for you going on the show and putting yourself out there for people to judge you – that’s a big call for someone to do no matter who they are.

Jes: You can\’t plan for a contest like this, it’s highly stressful, they keep you on your toes and constantly throw surprises at you so entering the show was extremely nerve wracking, you are open to people’s judgment and criticism in a very public forum.  One of the highlights for me was winning the first challenge and being able to donate so much money to REACH. I know that every cent will make a difference and this is a heartwarming feeling.

Sassi: You experienced some really challenging times throughout the show but you maintained your integrity and professionalism, what did you learn the most about yourself through those times?

Jes: The entire experience was challenging and one of the greatest things I learnt was that no matter how frustrated or worked up you get with someone or something think about the bigger picture before you react. The bigger picture for me was raising as much money as possible for charity. Thinking about this calmed me and put things into perspective. I tried to act and behave in a way which reflected my charity in a positive light. They were why I was on the show!!

Sassi: Looking back watching the show, are there moments that you thought you could have dealt with things differently or are you happy with the way you worked through them?

Jes: In hindsight we would always do a lot of things different wouldn\’t we? But when I take into consideration the circumstances and the pressure we were under I don\’t think I would have acted any differently. In everyday life I am no where near as pushy or assertive but on the show you had deadlines and were under so much pressure that you had to get things done!!

Sassi: Dealing with the challenging confrontations of Deni, that would have been so tough, but what was it that helped you get through? You didn’t back away from her and hide in the corner, you kept trying to ‘fix’ it and keep her focused on the charity and being part of a team … which was so admirable and professional.

Jes: Deni was a valued member of our team, she is talented and loves her music! We actually needed her assistance in order to get the challenge done. What a lot of people probably don\’t realize is that the challenge was set up with certain rules and regulations which meant we required four people on the team or we just wouldn\’t get things done. I needed to manage Deni so we got the best out of her. I chose to focus on her greatness, the skills and strengths she bought to the team so that\’s why I persevered with her. We were under time constraints so we couldn\’t have people running off to ‘cool down\’ we just had to keep working.

Sassi: Okay, tell us some of the best bits about the show and working with such a huge variety of personalities …

Jes: I grew up watching  a lot of the contestants on TV so for me it was a great to get the chance to work with each of them and get to know them away from what I would see on TV or read in magazines and newspapers&we really did have so much fun!!

Sassi: Which was your favourite challenge?  Why?  Least favourite?  Why?

Jes: There wasn\’t  a challenge I didn\’t like, I really enjoyed all of the challenges because each one was so different. But I must say I really enjoyed the art challenge. I used to paint a lot when I was younger and I haven\’t picked up a paint brush for about 18 months so it was lovely to get the chance to do that. It was also quite a calm challenge&at one stage the team were sitting in silence for about two hours just painting away.

Sassi: Ever since you came onto my radar 18 months ago you’ve been very focused on your charity work, clearly your charity means a lot to you and you’ve raised a lot of money for them, what advice for kids who are being bullied right now do you have for them so that they can develop their own strong sense of self worth and move on from the ‘meanness’ of that moment in time?

Jes: I really do not stand for people who behave poorly. We all have our moments where we can get grumpy, frustrated and angry but that does not give anyone the right to treat people in a disrespectful or nasty manner. I think we all just need to be more conscious about being nice to each other&it’s really that simple. And to anyone who is being treated in an unkind manner, just remember to be the bigger person, don\’t stoop or lower who you are to match them with poor behaviour. Speak in a way which you feel proud about and stand up for yourself!

Sassi: So what’s next for you Jes? Are you able to share anything with us yet or do we just have to be patient?

Jes: There are a few exciting things in the pipeline which I cannot talk about just yet but as you know Sassi Sam is always one of the first to know so watch this space 🙂

Congratulations again to Jesinta, I’m so proud of her and honoured to have her in my circle of friends, it’s certainly onwards and upwards for this smart young lady!

And to learn more about Jesinta’s chosen charity, REACH, you have visit their website here.

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