Jonathan Ward London Launches His Organic Candles into Australia

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Jonathan Ward London has been producing the most stylish and beautiful handmade, organic candles since 2008, and they have just arrived onto Australian Shores. Launching into Australia a couple of months ago via a media briefing at Blue Hotel, Woolloomooloo, Jonathan’s story is one of Hollywood serendipity.  Waiting tables at a restaurant in Kensington he happened to wait on the table for the UK\’s apothecary buyer for Wholefoods. She asked what he did when he was not waiting tables, so he told her about his candle collection.

Fast forward six months and the collection started selling at Wholefoods UK and is now the number one candle brand in the Kensington High Street Wholefoods alone.

He started the collection through disappointment with higher priced candle products and through his market research, he took apart the product and analysed the raw materials finding that in some of the most expensive products the glass was often sourced from overseas, wax was predominantly paraffin and fragrance was often underwhelming or uninspiring:

“I wanted to create candles that were truly affordable luxuries. Premium hand blown crystal glass that can be reused as high end drinks ware filtered responsibly sourced beeswax and sustainable soy wax farmed responsibly in the United States and not responsible for deforestation or falling into treacherous bio crop territory.” says Jonathan.

Jonathan Ward London has a strong UK following with celebrity clients who actually purchase the candles rather than being gifted. These include Livia Firth and our very own Dannii Minogue.

“I am passionate about the candles being made by hand by the name that is stamped on the box and it is for this reason that we pour in-house, using artisan hand pouring techniques that often take up to 8 hours longer than a machine style conveyor belt pour. We quality control each jar but also celebrate the tiny (rather beautiful) little differences that make each candle unique. (Jonathan pictured below pouring Citrine Ivy Candles)” says Jonathan.

So now we can enjoy Jonathan Ward Candles via Aussie distributor Eco Luxe ( At Jonathan’s press conference he gave us a demonstration of his candle-making skills and introduced us to his newest limited edition scented candle “Santissima Amalfi.”

The new addition is inspired by the discovery of a forgotten Florentine church in high summer and embodies an evocative aroma with warm notes of summer incense. Each candle is hand poured into crystal Italian glass to give it that unique and sophisticated look.

All of Jonathan’s candles are; hand poured using traditional methods, made from quality ingredients, packaging and practices, are Paraffin free thereby eliminating the ‘dirty burn\’ associated with this carrier wax; made with sustainable practices in mind through reusable vessels and ethically sourced waxes, and he uses glue free packaging via magnets and origami folding techniques for the outer packaging.

We also asked Jonathan for his top tips on how to get the best out of your Jonathan Ward candle:

  1. Upon first use of your candle, trim the wick so it is ¼” in length.
  2. Let the candle burn for 3-4 hours the first time you light it, this will create an evenly melted surface and therefore have a longer lifespan.
  3. Keep your wick trimmed to avoid small soot balls that will cause the candle to burn faster.
  4. Attempt to blow the candle out after 4-6 hours, trim the wick and re light once cooled. This is another way to increase burn time.
  5. Always try to burn candles away from the window and in a draft free room, wavering flames lessen the hourly burn time of your product.
  6. Don\’t leave candles unattended or next to drapery. Also, keep the candle away from delicate surfaces, for the prevention of wax spills.

Ecoluxe\’s aim is to encourage eco-sensitive purchasing and is dedicated to providing its customers with products that are to be cherished, not thrown away.  The entire JWL collection is available at and selected Australian retailers.

Photos by Amanda James

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