Book Review: Tiger’s Voyage, Colleen Houck

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Colleen Houck shocked readers with her ending of Tiger\’s Quest (book two in The Tiger Saga) and now she\’s back again with Tiger\’s Voyage, and she isn\’t slowing down. Neither are her characters; Houck has brought everyone back for the third book and delves even deeper into the emotional rollercoaster that is Kelsey, Ren and Kishan\’s relationships.

The team have already accomplished the first two tasks in their quest to break the tiger\’s curse, all the while, attempting to fend off Lokesh. Now they have their next task: find Durga\’s black pearl necklace and gain another six hours for the princes to be men. This story brings the introduction of a few new characters—one in particular I wouldn\’t mind seeing again and they help to lighten all the tension that surrounds the trio.

There is a bit of a dip in the pace when the plot becomes more focused on the character\’s relationships and the general exploration of their daily life, which isn\’t necessarily a bad thing, as I view this as a spot where I can finally get a breather.

But never fear—for those who are in it for the adventure it does pick up again as you visit vast worlds hidden underwater and strange distant lands. Oh and did I mention there\’s dragons? And not the type of fire-breathing beasts that are typically found in fiction, these dragons remind me of something out of a fairytale—ones drawn from other cultures.

An element I really enjoy about Houck\’s novels is the stories within stories. The way she draws upon an aspect of a culture or belief and weaves a tale that becomes a part of the characters own journeys. To a point where the world and people Houck describes are almost real (perhaps they are). I doubt there are many people who would object to having a real-life Kishan or Ren.

Tiger\’s Voyage is the perfect continuation of the series. It shocks, it dazzles, it makes you smile and most of all it plays with your heart.

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Available now: Hachette RRP$16.99


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