We Chat to Salma Hayek & Antonio Banderas on the Red Carpet for Sydney’s Puss in Boots Premiere

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It was a fun morning yesterday (November 27th) with lots of frivolity on the red carpet for the premiere of Puss in Boots; live music was pumping, Latin dancers dancing, and the stars of the blockbuster 3D film Puss in Boots himself,  Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, Sydney!

The gorgeous Salma Hayek walked the red carpet, looking stunning wearing a Bottega Veneta dress and YSL heels.  Despite claiming she was jetlagged and bloated after the 24 hour flight, no one noticed as she was so approachable and down-to-earth as she got touchy feely with everyone!  We wanted to get the inside scoop on what it was like working with Antonio again, however, being that this was all filmed in sound booths …

Monique: Did you get a chance to spend much time together? 

“No.  No we didn\’t.  In fact, we didn\’t spend anywhere near as much time together as we have promoting it!  But you really appreciate working with a wonderful and talented actor when you\’re doing a movie, especially for these kinds of films when you\’re working with a friend that you get along with really well.”

Monique: And what did daughter, Valentina, think of the Puss in Boots film?

“She\’s seen it four times, she is crazy about it!”

Monique: And did she recognise her mum\’s voice? 

“Absolutely.  She\’s so proud of me and that makes me feel so good.  Except… she\’s in love with Antonio\’s character.  They are like best friends as we have been travelling with her, but she just went back to her father for the moment because we are travelling so far away here.

Monique: And how is the new film ‘Savages\’ going?

“You will not be able to recognise me in that film.  I play a horrible, horrible character.  It is great!”

I think we are all looking forward to that one!

Antonio Banderas was next in the line and he does have that Puss in Boots stare that we all just melt over, even though he reckons he doesn\’t know how to do it!  And he also held our hands, it must be a Latin thing and we certainly aren’t complaining, whatever it is – we are LOVING it!

Monique: We wanted to know your thoughts on working with Salma again?

“Well, you know the technique of making these movies is to do it individually, but I asked the Producer and Director if they could please give me a session with Salma because I know her very well and I knew that we could improvise.  They put us right in front of one another and boom, boom, boom!  We started improvising.  It was great – jumping into the conversation straight away and everything made it into the movie!  If we have the possibility of continuing this, then we will have more fun, because she didn\’t know the process at the beginning.”

Monique: This style of filming was a new area for Salma – did you show her the ropes?

“Oh!  She was like ‘They didn\’t give me a script, they didn\’t give me this or that\’.  She worked it out though. What\’s great is, they try and tailor the suit and dress for you and your personality.  Then it has to come out and they will mould it just for you.  That\’s the process.” said Antonio as he was moving back and forth – showing us the actions for the film.

Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg is famous for producing Shrek movies & Chicken Run.  We asked him:

Monique: Was it your idea to couple Banderas and Hayek in this film? 

“Well, Antonio was introduced in Shrek and that was a decision made by the Director of the second movie, Andrew Adamson.  It was a great choice and a star was born!  And then Chris Miller, who directed this movie, once we saw the characters Kitty Soft Paws and he thought Salma was the perfect person.  I mean they have such a great history and great rapport.  They\’re really, really funny and they work well together.”  Of course, you may remember these two coupling up in movies such as Desperado and Once upon a time in Mexico.

Monique: And will there be a sequel?

“Well, it\’s up to the public.  If everyone loves it, we would certainly love to do it!  It\’s in the hands of the movie Gods.”  

Apparently the new Madagascar film is next for these guys – so keep a look out for that one!

Chris Miller, famous for writing the Shrek films also Directed Shrek 3 and is now the Director of Puss in Boots, however, did not write this one.  He was so happy that Puss in Boots had a chance to shine as he really loved this character, in fact it was his favourite, when he wrote it.

Monique: What it was like Directing Puss in Boots?

“There were a lot of great characters from Far and Away – you know, that Universe.  So for me to be able to take that little orange tabbie out of that movie and create a whole new story just fundamentally feels different than Shrek.  It was so liberating for me and just a great experience really from beginning to end.”

Monique: And pairing Antonio and Salma was your idea?

“Well, I mean we had Antonio as he was part of the deal and it was so fortunate to get Salma.  I think it was critical in that she is the perfect match for him.  They are really good friends but they do share a sort of magic and chemistry.  It\’s interesting, what you see on the screen, is really part of their personalities, it\’s real life.  They are a little competitive and fun and it\’s a perfect structure for a romantic relationship on screen.”

Monique: Your thoughts on a sequel?

“We would love to do a sequel.  We made a movie that we all enjoyed being part of, so we are waiting and seeing what the response is!”

Celebrity guests for the Puss in Boots 3D Premiere included The Irwin Family – Bindi, Bob and Terri.  They were really excited to see what this mischievous cat has in store.  We asked them:

Monique: Have you been following the Shrek phenomenon? 

“Absolutely!  We have seen everything.  We loved all the movies and especially Puss in Boots, he\’s an amazing guy.  He\’s incredible.  We are so excited to be here at this Premiere.  We have tigers and cheetahs at Australia Zoo but I don\’t think they can wield a sword as well as he can!” said Bindi.  Bob then interjected  “Yeah.  We\’ll have to teach them!”

Bindi revealed that her Dad actually met Banderas a few years back “and he really loved him and said that when talking to him he spent a lot of the time nodding and smiling {due to the accent} but he said he was an incredible person and we\’re excited to see his new movie.”

Monique: Are you familiar with the Puss in Boots mesmerising stare that wins hearts?

“Yes!  And we LOVE it!”

Terri joked that Bob has a great one too.  So Bob showed us his Puss in Boots impersonation and it is a cracker – Terri reckons she would “give him the keys to the car” with that face.

Monique: What\’s next for your family?

“We have just opened the African Savannah area on September 17th and it\’s looking beautiful with a mixed exhibit of giraffes and rhinos.  Everyone loves it and it is the newest thing at Australia Zoo.”

We also found out that Bindi has a new project coming up that will start filming in a few weeks – continuing her famous father Steve Irwin\’s, legacy with lots of pride!  And Bob is turning eight (can you believe it?) soon and will be having a Dinosaur themed party at Australia Zoo!!

Puss in Boots 3D will be in cinemas from December 8th our review will go up closer to that time!  Meoooow!

Photography David Pentranker


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