Come Fly & Shop with Me, Says Dannii Minogue for Virgin Australia & Westfield’s New Partnership Announcement

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Natasa Colo

You can buy and fly, or fly and buy. Anywhere, anytime or anytime, anywhere! Whatever the combination, there is no ulterior motive when Virgin Australia and Westfield announced today the launch of an Australian partnership with Dannii Minogue as the ambassador for the launch.

The partnership is the first of its\’ kind that will enable members of Virgin Australia\’s Velocity Frequent Flyer program to earn and redeem points online with Australia\’s largest shopping centre group Westfield, creating the widest retail offering of any frequent flyer program in Australia.

Virgin Australia\’s Velocity Frequent Flyer Program is free to join and members can earn and redeem points online at, which provides access to over 160 stores and 3,000 brands from Australia\’s leasing designers to high street stores!

“Now that our program offers global flight coverage and Australia\’s best flight rewards and benefits, Westfield shoppers will be able to fly all over the world with the points they earn”, General Manager of Virgin Australia\’s Velocity Frequent Flyer program, Phil Gunter said.

Danni Minogue was the special guest and speaker for the media launch today, held in Cara & Co, Westfield Sydney. A great speaker to have, especially when she emphasised her frequent travels had extended over 18 years with Virgin.

“I do travel a lot. When you know cabin crew by name, you know you\’re travelling a lot. When they go to give you the menu and they take it away and go, ‘I know what you want to eat,\’ you\’re travelling too much. And that\’s me.”

“And also the alliance you have with Etihad — I\’ve been flying with them since they started their direct route from London to Melbourne. I live in Melbourne, I work in London. Stupid idea. Don\’t anybody do that!”

Danni remembers shopping at Westfield when she was younger, therefore combining her frequent travels and shopping experiences made the partnership very significant to Danni as she then went down memory lane as a child with her Westfield memories.

“I remember, as a kid, shopping in Westfield, but also being on Young Talent Time, we also did performances in Westfield!”

The flying fashionista was wearing a gorgeous Rachel Gilbert frock, but the on-trend talent does have her moments of wanting to shop in a ever-so-more casual attire too, quoted saying:

“I shop online so I can shop in my pyjamas”

A designer, a mum, singer, actress and a lady known for her fashionable moments, you would assume she was the shopaholic in the family, but Danni made that very clear who actually was!

“Out of my family, Kris is the biggest shopper out of the two of us. His theory is that when there\’s a sale on, ‘the more you spend the more you save\’

Virgin Australia\’s Velocity Frequent Flyer program General Manager Phil Gunter said that the new Westfield Online partnership would provide a while new world of choice for Velocity Frequent Flyer members and indeed it will! From now until 31st December, you can earn 4 points for every $1 spent- that is double your points you would normally receive. So in summary, get shopping and flying, or get flying then shopping? Whatever works for you!

Also spotted at the media launch was fashion designer, Leona Edmiston, whose fashion label was introduced in The Designer Collection on

Photography by David Pentranker



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