On the White Carpet with Robin Williams for Happy Feet Two Premiere, Sydney

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We were on the white carpet for the launch of Happy Feet 2 in 3D at Fox Studios, Entertainment Quarter in Sydney (Sunday December 4th).  A cold and windy afternoon was the perfect setting for our penguin friends complete with beautiful snowflakes and Robin Williams and the Director George Miller were there to chat with us.

 Writer/Director George Miller was first on the white carpet:

You\’ve written so many characters over the years, when writing Happy Feet 2, did you have anyone in mind to play these roles?

“By the time you finished writing you start to get an idea of who you would like. Obviously, we had some from the first movie that carried across but it was great to get two characters that are two great actors that know each other.  Matt Damon and Brad Pitt who play the Krill, they are friends, so that really works.”

Were the characters based on anyone you know?

“Yeah, I think you do that, but the actors really bring out the character for you as well.” 

Robin Williams voices two characters in the film Lovelace and Ramon and he LOVES it.  He was on hand to chat with us about his involvement in yet another, animation:

You must do so much in the booth with these voices – how much ended up in the film?

“Oh I don\’t know the percentage.  I guess if it works, he uses it.  Sometimes you try stuff and it works, and he has a great sense of humour, so that is good.  In fact, I was supposed to do three voices but I didn\’t get to choose what got in, that is up to the Director.  He said just to stick with these two.  So I did.”

What drew you to playing these roles in the film? 

“I guess because Ramon is this Latino who is small, but fierce thing and a Latino lover who wants to be with Miss Right or Miss Right Now.”  He says with a cheeky grin. “And Lovelace has got a bit of Barry White which was so much fun.”  

What are you excited about doing Happy Feet 2?

“I think it\’s better, I think he pushed in more technologically and musically.  He tried to add more elements to it.”

Robin, you\’re always making us laugh, we were wondering what makes you laugh?

“Oh, my family.  My gay dog.”  We all laughed at this point. But he was adamant.  “He\’s SO gay.  He\’s madly in love with a Boston Terrier.”

And do they get to spend much time together?

“Oh.  I go, ‘Get a room!\’  Even the cat\’s going ‘I\’m  just cleaning myself, this is ridiculous.\’  I\’m expecting him to adopt a Siamese kitten.”

Happy Feet 2 in 3D has all the cute elements of the first one along with some rocking songs and Pink definitely bumps up the musicality of it – not to forget the amazing Robin Williams.  What a star!

Happy Feet Two is released on December 26th.

Photography Dave Petranker


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