We Chat to Joe Cross at his Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Australian Premiere About All Things in Good Health

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Covering events for the lovely Sassi Sam generally involves going to uber glam locations, sipping on divine cocktails, indulging in an array of delicious – yet calorie loaded – canapes while learning about some of the latest happenings in the world of fashion and pop culture. (It\’s a tough gig I know!)

However, recently I attended the Australian Premier of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which took place at the Dendy Cinema in Sydney\’s Circular Quay with super guests in attendance such as Charlie Brown, Jamie Durie, the Murdochs and Packers and it was a whole different kettle of fish!

Having not known a great deal about the film beforehand, I was quite surprised when on arrival we were offered a vegetable juice and as we entered the cinema a piece of fruit.  Strange as it seemed, I took a banana, went inside and listened to Joe Cross, a Sydney local who wrote, directed and starred in the documentary style film speak about his journey back to good health along with his new business venture; Reboot Your Life and his mission to help people get their health back.

Joe\’s story is a common one in today\’s fast paced society. As a businessman he was professionally successful, but physically bankrupt. Joe had spent years taking medication for a rare autoimmune disease, while indulging in a diet full of fast food and alcohol, mixed with a non existent exercise routine.

Turning 40, Joe realised he’d literally had a gut full of his lifestyle. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead tells the story of how for 60 days, while travelling across America, Joe only consumed fruit and vegetable juice and water. Throughout the film Joe talks to more than 500 people about their own health struggles, while experts bring into sharp focus the lack of nutrients in many of the foods we eat today.

“My story is about wellness, not losing weight,” says Joe. “The reality is the majority of Australians still eat only half the recommended amount of two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables each day. Unhealthy diets contribute to a wide range of preventable diseases – and on a global scale Australia weighs in as one of the fattest nations in the developed world.”

The film has enjoyed huge success in the US reaching number three on iTunes documentary rentals for 2010 and averaging 4.2 stars out of 5 in 350,000 Netfix ratings. So far the film has inspired more than150,000 people to get healthy.

Joe puts the popularity of the film down to its legitimacy and results, saying: “I think the authenticity and simplicity of the story line, people can relate to. And the difference is at the end, actually knowing it versus doing it. And the knowing part we all know, but when you see the people and that it worked. I didn\’t know if it was going to work for me, but it did and I feel honoured to be able to show the film and to spearhead the movement of getting people to eat more fruit and veggies.”

Using his entrepreneurial skills Joe has created Reboot Your Life a health and wellness company that offers support and encouragement to people wanting to change their eating habits by adding more fruits and vegetables into their diets. On the site you can find plenty of juice, soup and salad recipes along with a variety of eating programs, expert advice and a community of health conscious juice junkies from all over the world.

While embarking on such a radical shift in eating habits may seem extremely challenging to a lot of people, Joe believes everyone could benefit by at least trying the Reboot program for even a short period of time.

“All I\’m suggesting people do is choose a period of time where they commit to only eating fruit and vegetables and they can either juice them or eat them. I think it\’s like anything, if you feel like you can\’t do it, there\’s not much that I can say or do that will change that attitude. I think you\’ve got to give it a try and you might surprise yourself… It\’s almost like you\’ve got to, you know, even if you just start and try, it\’s better than not starting or trying at all,” says Joe.

Me & Joe

While Joe has been eating clean for several years now he still admits he has the occasional pizza cravings saying:

“I usually get them when I\’m tired or stressed, you know you hit the bump. I usually have a juice and it satisfies me.” He goes on to say, “And by the way, every now and then I do have a piece of pizza and I still enjoy it. I just don\’t eat it all the time.”

Joe says he has two favourite juices; a fruit combination made from watermelon, pineapple and ginger and a vegetable mix containing kale, cucumber, celery, green apple, lemon and ginger. More recipes can be found on the Reboot Your Life website here.

In late January and early February next year Joe will be hosting town hall meetings and screenings of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead followed by Q&A sessions across Australia. Copies of the DVD can also be found in Woolworths stores nationwide now.

For more information visit www.fatsickandnearlydead.com, we’re off to get juicing, we’ve been so inspired by Joe’s story and we hope you will be too, good health is where it’s at!


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