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Directored by:  Lars von Trier
Cast:  Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling
Sassi\’s Star Rating:  2/ 5

Lars von Trier\’s latest film is Melancholia and the name befits the feeling of a ‘prolonged, gloomy state of mind\’.  Gloomy because this film addresses the seriousness of depression including the extraordinary event of an extrasolar planet making a close fly-by the sun and passing right by Earth.  These two events seem to be at odds with one another yet intrinsically connected.

Sisters Justine (Dunst) and Claire (Gainsbourg) struggle with a difficult relationship as Claire attempts to ‘fix\’ her severely depressed sibling.  Justine, however, seems hell bent on not only being eternally morose but also ensuring she brings everyone down with her which makes it really hard to like her character.  At the beginning of the film, I felt a real connection with her as she approached her wedding, however, her shine diminished rapidly as she progressed through the film systematically attacking everyone at the reception.  However, on the upside, the film does accurately depict the tragedy of mental health – it is enduring and non-ending, and like real life, it doesn\’t all get fixed in a two hour timeslot.

It was an interesting display and definitely is a film I would put down as a ‘thinking\’ one.  It had me guessing in different areas and connecting with the characters was tricky.  John (Sutherland), appearing as Justine\’s brother-in-law was surprisingly lovely in this film.  He was incredibly likeable and a different role far removed for him.  Gainsbourg interestingly appeared with Rampling as her mother, another suffering character that Justine surely takes after in more ways than one.  These two actresses appeared in a great French film called Lemming in 2005 and it was nice to see them paired together again.

Overall, the concept of Melancholia, the planet invading Earth\’s orbit is magnificent and the scenes are just beautifully filmed and set on a gorgeous landscape of a huge country manor.  The film has some amazingly picturesque scenes, but some would say they go a little too long.  Director, von Trier, is well known for his ‘different\’ take on films and this one is no exception.  Overall the film won\’t be everyone\’s cup of tea but I can\’t deny the thought provoking factor as I have been thinking about it on and off since watching it.

Some beautifully filmed scenes and some true to life realities!

Melancholia is in cinemas now.


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