Aussie Exclusive: Christmas Q&A with Estee Lauder Ambassador Constance Jablonski

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I was very excited to be offered this exclusive Holiday 2011 Q&A from Estée Lauder Ambassador Constance Jablonski.  Constance appears in a number of my favourite campaigns especially from Estée and below is her Holiday 2011 campaign.  This year she’s featured in the Beautiful Fragrance campaign, The Pure Colour Mercury Fall Collection campaign, the Pure Colour Lipstick campaign and the Even Skintone Products campaign to name a few.

And here\’s what Constance had to share about the festive season and all things beauty related:

1. Favorite holiday destination/getaway?
South of France. I’m in love with the Mediterranean sea.

2. Where will you celebrate Christmas this year?
I’m not sure yet! Last year I was in New York, so I think I’m going to look for the sun this time… Australia, perhaps?

3. What is on your wish list for the upcoming holidays?
On my wish list there is:

  • To learn Chinese/Mandarin with Liu Wen
  • To take piano classes again
  • To save as many miles as I can with airlines and not waste them on compulsive purchases

4. What\’s on your holiday gift giving list?
I never make lists for presents because I like surprise too much!!! My friends and family know me and what I like anyway.

5. What is your fashion must-have this holiday season?
This season I want those gorgeous old school heels from C̩line Рpointy-toe loafers/low boots.

6. What must-have beauty item will you wear to holiday parties?
I love Estée Lauder\’s Pure Color Lipstick in Rubellite. It\’s the perfect red shade for any holiday occasion.

7. Do you have any beauty tips for getting ready for the festive season?
The best tip is to finish all work and any duty you are supposed to accomplish, to make sure your conscience is clear&and then you can completely enjoy the holidays with your relatives. New year, new beginning!

8. Do you exercise over the holidays? How do you stay in shape and still enjoy the food that surrounds the holiday season?
I try to exercise as much as possible. It’s true that it’s not easy during holidays. Since it’s so cold outside, you just want to stay home drinking hot chocolate under your blanket, but I always take my sneakers with me no matter where I go to jog or to play tennis.

9. What is your favorite Christmas memory?
I went in Senegal to celebrate Christmas 3 years ago with family and friends! Christmas under the sun on the sand – It was so unusual and magical!

10. What is a traditional Christmas meal that you enjoy?
We don’t really have a traditional Christmas meal, but because we love seafood in my family, we always do special French “Coquilles Saint-Jacques” as an appetizer. It’s a special way to cook scallops.

11. Do you have any special holiday traditions?
We always have a nice Christmas tree. I have to fight over the decision of the theme and color with my brother every year!

12. Do you have a favorite Christmas carol?
If I have to choose, I would say “Petit Papa Noel.” It is the most famous in France and the first song you probably learn as a child. It is especially cute to hear children singing this song!

13. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?
I remember when I was young, my favorite movie about Christmas was “Home Alone.”

14. What are you favorite places to shop for gifts including online? Names of stores and online sites please.
I love shopping online, I use, or this new amazing website called where you can find all the coolest things from Argentina. For the rest, I love to shop for them in Paris!

Last year I had an exclusive with Liu Wen, you can read it here and in case you missed it check out my review of the new fragrance Sensuous Nude, I’m a fan and of course if you can order all your Estée Lauder goodies online at their Aussie website:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

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