Book Review: Liesl & Po, Lauren Oliver

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It was all a mistake. At least that\’s what Will thought. He had been given very clear instructions to deliver a box to the Lady Premiere, but instead he had gone to see her—the girl in the attic—the one whose face he could see in the glow of a lamplight from his hidden spot on the street. The girl who haunted his thoughts and gave him hope that somewhere out there was someone who wouldn\’t call him ‘Useless\’.

But useless he was, as he had muddled it. He had been sleepy and unaware; he had done what the Alchemist had said and gone on his errands, but to pass by the girl\’s house, he had gone first to Mr Gray\’s and it was there that he left the box meant for the Lady Premiere and it was there that the Alchemist\’s greatest magic waited. And thus, the story begins&

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver hosts some of the most charming characters that I have read about in quite a while. Firstly, there is Liesl who is on a quest to return her father’s ashes to his home, along the way she meets a lonely orphan boy named Will, who is also learning to be brave. Then there is Mo with his gigantic heart and determined mindset, and let\’s not forget Po and Bundle: the ghost that is neither boy nor girl and it\’s untrimmed shadow pet.

And where good guys there must also be the bad ones; ones who lurk in dark corners and wait for just the right moment to undertake some nasty task. Like the Alchemist who has created the world\’s greatest magic to showcase to his superiors and prove that he is the best. And Augusta, Liesl\’s stepmother, who had locked Liesl in an attic and refused to let her say goodbye to her father, and is now teamed up with the Alchemist and Lady Premiere to catch the two little runaways.

In this book for younger readers, Oliver returns the colour to a world that has been for so long only black and white and gray. As you read, you can feel it gently glowing and growing, until it bursts out onto the pages. It is the hot chocolate that warms you on a cold winter\’s night: simple, sweet and comforting.

‘Nothing in the world is ever really nothing, and everything is possible in some way&\’

Here\’s to making things possible.

Available now: Random House RRP$22.95


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