Film Review: We Bought a Zoo

| 22 December , 2011 | Reply

Director: Cameron Crowe
Cast: Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Haden Church, Elle Fanning
Sassi\’s Star Rating: 4 / 5

Benjamin Mee (Damon), is a father that moves to Southern California with his young family to take on the mammoth task of opening an old, run-down zoo. It\’s the start of a big new adventure for this family as they also deal with life\’s other complications. They meet with the Zoo\’s caretakers of which Johansson is the leader. The staff are reluctant to believe this man will be able to succeed in bringing the zoo back to life, but he has other ideas and is a determined man.

Thomas Haden Church plays Benjamin\’s brother, Duncan, and in his true comedic fashion brings much laughter to the film playing the ‘commonsense\’ character which is unusual as he is actually the voice of reason in some pretty risky decision making. Benjamin\’s kids are truly magical. Dylan (Ford) is a troubled teenager trying to sort through his own dramas and venting his frustration via some interesting art works. He does get a bit of attention from Dakota Fanning\’s little sister, Elle, in the role of Lily, the interminably happy teenager.

Rosie (Jones) is a gorgeous little piece of work and only 7 years old but watch this one – I hear the sound of Oscars down the track. She is just gorgeous and plays the role with finesse – not unlike Shirley Temple at times.

The movie deals with familial issues in a direct, yet compassionate matter, making small comparisons to the animals in the zoo which gives it a distinctive difference in the market. They, of course, are amazing and provide a nice backdrop for this film which is based on the book written by the actual Benjamin Mee. It is a beautiful story told in a dramatic way that is more real than fiction.

Lots of roar and no time to snore!

We Bought a Zoo is in cinemas on Boxing Day.


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