Sneak Peek: The Kerr’s First Family Christmas with Baby Flynn Bloom

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The Kerr household is very excited; Miranda, Orlando and Baby Flynn (the happiest baby on the planet) have arrived back in Australia to celebrate Flynn’s first Christmas here with all the family.  I asked my lovely friend Therese Kerr to share a little insight into their first family Chrissy with Flynn and what they were looking forward to indulging in including their recipe breakdowns from the awesome Chef Kate McAloon.

Sassi: This will be Flynn’s first Christmas and you will all be together in Australia, how excited is the family?

Therese: We are over the moon.  Flynn is our first grandchild and this is his first Christmas so it will be an incredibly beautiful Christmas.  Flynn, Miranda and Orlando will get to spend their first Christmas as a family with Flynn\’s cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great grandparents – we are all so excited

Sassi: What does Christmas mean to you as a family? What’s your favourite aspect about celebrating Christmas as a family?

Therese: Christmas is all about family. It is about getting together and celebrating the unique and incredible bond we have as a family unit.  This includes extended family members – we are honestly like a big Italian family.  About 30+ of us get together for breakfast, lunch and dinner for about two weeks over the Christmas period. We all help out and fill our kitchen and our home with love, beautiful food, laughter and have a lot of fun together as a family.  Christmas to us is about recognising and reflecting on how very lucky we are that we are all healthy, happy and content and have such a loving supporting family.

Therese, Chef Kate and Miranda

Sassi: What’s on Flynn’s First Christmas list?

Therese: He doesn\’t have one – we have a big enough one for him!!  I have purchased him a “Baby Can Read” program and no doubt he will be spoiled by many precious little gifts but more importantly by the love of his family.

Sassi: What’s your Christmas day usually like?

Therese: It is incredible.  We start off with a healthy breakfast and then without fail (even in the hottest of Australia\’s summers) we have a traditional Roast Chicken, Roast Turkey and loads of baked vege\’s with home made vegemite / promote gravy for lunch.  Following that, for those who can fit it in, we have traditional Christmas pudding and / or bread and butter custard. Often we play table tennis or tennis of an afternoon and/or sometimes watch a movie together as a family or lay around talking and laughing.

Sassi: Do the Kerr’s get into the full-on Christmas spirit with a real Christmas tree, lots of decorations and presents?

Therese: Most definitely, Peter (Miranda\’s Grandpa) even puts the Santa suit on and we have what we call “Our Christmas Tree” where Peter hands out presents one by one. Normally there are so many presents (especially for the kids and there are three little great grandchildren this year) and we spend a lot of time hurling Christmas paper at each other, taking photos, videos etc and watching the young ones revel in the magic that is Christmas at our house.

Sassi: What do you love to indulge in on Christmas Day?

Therese: Each other. We treasure ever moment together as a family

Sassi: What are your tips for not over indulging on Christmas Day?

Therese: Christmas day is about indulging, but in saying that we are mostly tea drinkers so we don\’t indulge in too much wine, however, this year we are prepared and already have a supply of Miranda\’s favourite wine: Organic One Certified Organic / Certified Biodynamic Wine* (details at the bottom).

Chef Kate has kindly shared the recipe for the Kerr Family Christmas Roasted Chicken and Roasted Vegetables and their promite/vegemite Gravy.  Therese makes the roasted veggies and gravy, they are her speciality and they use wherever possible organic ingredients but obviously you don’t have to.

Roasted Chicken with Coconut Oil and Garlic by Chef Kate McAloon

There\’s something so satisfying and delicious about a perfectly roasted chicken. Using coconut oil in this recipe makes the skin crispy, golden brown, and full of flavor. It\’s the perfect dish for entertaining or for a family holiday dinner. I love to roast 2 chickens at once to have some for sandwiches and a second meal during the week. This recipe uses coconut oil instead of butter or olive oil adding a healthier twist and great taste. You can add few sprigs of thyme or sage if you like when roasting.


  • 1 Medium to large whole roasting chicken
  • 4 to 5 Tablespoons *coconut oil (melted)
  • 1 Teaspoon Himalayan sea salt (more or less to taste)
  • Freshly ground pepper
  •  Whole heads of garlic for roasting (if desired)

Preheat your oven to 400F/225C. In a small sauce pan heat the coconut oil until the oil melts. Prepare the chicken for roasting by placing it in a roasting pan that has been lined with baking paper and rubbed with a little coconut oil. This helps with clean up! Using a pastry brush or your hands generously brush the coconut oil all over the chicken and also place a little inside. Reserve the extra oil for basting during roasting. Generously sprinkle sea salt and pepper all over the chicken and inside too. Cut the tops off the garlic heads (about ½ inch or less) and brush with the olive oil and set next to the chicken to roast. Place the chicken in the oven and roast at 400F/225C for 15 minutes then reduce the heat to 350F/180C and continue cooking for about 1 hour or until fully cooked. You may need to cover the chicken with baking paper if it starts to brown too quickly. (Baking paper in a lot less toxic than foil!) Remove the chicken from oven when done and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes to help the juice remain inside. We love to serve it with roasted veggies (recipe follows) and some Organic One Blanc de Blanc or Chardonnay.

Therese Kerr\’s Roasted Holiday Veggies

Use varying amounts of each veggie depending on how many people you are feeding. A good rule is 1 to 2 of each veggie per person so you may have some left over to enjoy the next day. You can also add some pieces of capsicum if you like.

  • Potatoes, Pinpoints, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions
  • Coconut oil for roasting
  • Herbamere*
  • 6 to 8 Pieces of whole garlic (to add to the roasting pan about 10 to 15 minutes before veggies are done)

Wash and cut the veggies into bite size pieces (you can also roast larger pieces if you like it will just take longer to roast.) Sprinkle generously with *Herbamare and enough melted coconut oil to coat the veggies well. Roast in the same oven as the chicken, but start it about ½ hour before the chicken is done so they come out at the same time. You can add the veggies to the chicken pan or roast separately.

Kerr Family Gravy

Once the chicken and veggie are done they are transferred onto a serving platter and covered with baking paper to keep them warm while we make the homemade gravy from the roasting juices in the roasting pan.

  • Juices and coconut oil from the roasting pan
  • Coconut or gluten-free flour (enough to make a runny paste the consistency of semi-thickened cream)
  • Roasted garlic pieces
  • Himalayan sea salt (to taste)
  • Promite
  • Vegemite
  • Filtered water

Heat the roasting pan on top of the stove on medium low heat and add the flour. Stir well and add enough flour to get the simi-thickened cream consistency. Allow this mixture to brown while stirring often. Then add the roasted garlic. (Garlic should be soft from roasting) Then add the salt, promite, and vegemite and blend thoroughly. Once the mixture is browned add the filter water while stirring constantly. The gravy thickens really fast so add a little more water if needed and continue stirring. “End result beautiful gravy” Remove from heat and serve with the chicken and veggies.

* Herbamere is a herbal seasoning salt prepared from a combination of 12 fresh, organically grown herbs and vegetables made according to the original formula of the famous Swiss Naturopath A. Vogel. The fresh ingredients are combined with natural sea salt and allowed to “steep” for up to 12 months. The moisture is then removed by a special vaccum process at low temperature, allowing all the goodness of the ingredients to be absorbed by the salt crystals.

** Coconut oil and products and Organic One/Certified Organic Wines

You can get more healthy recipes from Chef Kate at Miranda’s blog … seriously I love Chef Kate’s cooking!

Merry Christmas from the Kerr’s!

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