Film Review: Happy Feet Two

| 26 December , 2011 | Reply

Director: George Miller
Cast: Robin Williams, Pink, Elijah Wood, Hank Azaria, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon
Sassi\’s Star Rating: 5 / 5

It\’s hard to follow up the original but this movie is even more spectacular with loads of singing and a marvellous array of talent on board. Aussie Director/Writer George Miller has carefully written another fantastic film that mums, dads, kids and us big kids will love! Mumble (Wood) the penguin has a problem with his son Erik, who doesn\’t have the dance gene and is feeling a little on the outer. He encounters The Mighty Sven (Azaria), a flying penguin and Erik\’s outlook on life changes dramatically.

Erik and his friends discover a whole new world out there on the ice as they meet these varied characters. Disaster is in the air, so concerns are raised when things change dramatically, however, friendships are formed along the way and many lessons are learned. The plot is weaved with an appealing storyline and kids will really enjoy the process.

The actors on board for this film really make it come alive. Williams, an animation favourite, actually plays two pivotal roles in the film and he doesn\’t disappoint. As Ramon, the incurable romantic, he shines and as Lovelace, the evangelistic leader of a separate group of penguins, he inspires. Pink\’s voice is unmistakeable as Gloria and her singing really brings a unique aspect to the film.

But two of my favourites have to be Will (Pitt) and Bill (Damon) as the adventurous Krill. They are a sideline story of two friends who are looking for answers about the world around them and boy do they find some when they leave the swarm! It\’s an exciting film with heartfelt messages. Another win for George Miller!

Get your fluffy on and watch this one!

And in case you missed it, check out us on the white carpet with Robin Williams and George Miller.

Happy Feet II is in cinemas now.


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