Katherine Heigl is Glamboyant for Australian InStyle Magazine’s February 2012 Cover Girl

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Rom-Com Queen Katherine Heigl is Australian InStyle Magazine’s February 2012 cover girl and wears Alex Perry on the cover.  Photographed by David Gubert and styled by Katherine Green, I’m such a big fan of Katherine, to me is an infectious personality on every level.

Currently on the promo trail for her upcoming film “One for the Money” inside she shares with George Epaminondas during an interview at her Los Angeles home a few snippets of life right now:

In One for The Money you are a self-styled bounty hunter pursuing a former flame, and you needed to handle a gun, drive an ice truck and pick a lock with conviction. Good times?It was fun. It took some getting used to, doing these things, admittedly. We went to a range to practice shooting and it was exhilarating. I was actually a pretty decent shot. The character is from small-town New Jersey, brave and bold, but in over her head. That’s what makes you root for her.”

Were you required to study back-to-back episodes of Jersey Shore to nail the blue-collar Jersey accent? “As soon as I knew I was doing the movie I downloaded the whole season on iTunes, and realised that none of them are actually from Jersey. But then I was hooked and had to watch the whole thing. My character’s accent is very specific, so I got a dialect coach. He would write it down the way it would sound, adding lots of a’s and w’s to everything.”

You’ve never been averse to speaking your mind about the industry. Do you feel this has ever weighed against you?“Sometimes it has and sometimes it hasn’t. There was a minute when I was afraid to say anything at all. But in my mind there’s a difference between foot-in-mouth comments and being forthright. If I’m passionate about a subject, then I should be brave enough to talk about it honestly and not worry about people’s reactions. It’s never my intention to offend anyone, so when I have, I’ve been horrified.”

Would you say you are thin-skinned or thick-skinned? “Totally thin-skinned! I’m a big baby. I feel like men can sort of shrug their shoulders if people have a strong reaction to something they’ve said. Whereas I spent two years questioning everything about myself. Maybe I am ungrateful? Maybe I am too opinionated? So yes, I’m thin-skinned.”

The February issue of InStyle is on newsstands today, you can read more of Katherine’s online interview at InStyle Magazine’s website.

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