Book Review: Now You See Her, James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

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In a departure from the normal James Patterson style, his latest collaboration, Now You See Her, is a dramatic story about how your past – and even sometimes, someone else’s – can always haunt you. Nina Bloom is a successful lawyer and widowed single mother in New York. On the eve of her daughter’s 16th birthday, she is given a pro-bono case to work which lifts the lid on secrets she thought she had outrun forever.

In fact Nina is not her real name, and her husband is not dead. Her husband Peter is very much alive and only Nina knows of the terrifying crimes that he has committed but for which he has never been brought to justice. When Nina joins an alliance of law firms, all working for free in an ambitious project to clear people’s names of crimes they did not commit, she is assigned what looks to be an open and shut case. But once she opens the pro-bono dossier she is given, the crime for which the accused is due to be executed is not one that he has committed, but only Nina knows this. All evidence points to the accused, but the secret is buried in Nina’s past.

Much of the story alternates between current day – as Nina tries to get the accused pardoned without giving away her part in the terrifying secret – and the past, where the action takes place with all the tension and excitement that we expect from James Patterson. Terrifyingly, current-day Nina’s daughter is dragged into the drama when Peter realises that he is her father, and does not spare her – in fact, even revels in the fear that he causes in both women.

Now You See Her is a typical James Patterson novel – a thrill ride, once you hop on you have to hang on till the very end, but when it does end you know that you can let the adrenaline fade away – until the next one …!

Available now: Random House RRP$32.95


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