Find Your Scent with DKNY’s New Facebook Scent Finder Application

| 17 January , 2012 | Reply

Ever have trouble finding the right perfume to give to that someone special? Or are you an indecisive person like me who sprays myself with too many options and gets confused at which ones I actually liked?

Either way DKNY has the solution for you! The DKNY Scent Finder incorporated into their Facebook page (DKNY Fragrances) provides an easy, fun and helpful way to decide what scent your best suited too and it\’s so simple to use.

Just ‘like\’ the Facebook page and wait for the scent finder to load (can take a minute!) and then proceed through the questions answering things like “what food do they like best” or “what best suits their style” and voilà a suitable scent is found. You then have the option to email, print or get a list of stockists near you.

So if you\’re in the market for some perfume, or just looking to cure a bit of boredom, the DKNY Scent Finder is an innovative and fun way to explore fragrances online!

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