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As we know Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson are on the promo trail for their latest movie Journey 2: Mysterious Island and we were lucky enough to sit down with the super sweet pair one on one when they were visiting Melbourne to talk all things Mysterious Island, Vanessa’s love of yoga and may be she’ll be releasing a yoga video and how Josh wants to talk about his family all the time, he loves his family:

Bronny: Lovely to see you again after the excitement of yesterday’s red carpet! It was pretty crazy, how did that feel?

Josh: It was pretty out there! It was exciting to see so many people who had come out to support the movie and screaming and being excited, it was cool!

Bronny: Girls made posters and I think you even got a marriage proposal, I was waiting for you to get down on bended knee!

Josh: Yeah I got proposed too which was a first for me, which was exciting, I respectfully declined, at this point in my life a wife is too much for me to handle.

Vanessa & Joshn at the Sydney Premiere of Journey 2: Mysterious Island

Bronny: And how did you find it getting the opportunity to work with a legend like Michael Caine?

Vanessa: It was incredible, I’m such a big fan of all his work, and being able to be on the set with him, listening to him deliver these epic monologues, I just got so sucked in and then I’d be like ‘oh, I have a line! I’m acting as well’! He’s just incredible and so down to earth after everything.

Bronny: The main thing that struck me about the movie was how active you had to be and the action taking place. You were either running to or from something. How did you both prepare physically for the role or are you both just naturally fit?

Josh: I’m naturally very fit … no, I play a lot of sports, a lot of soccer and basketball so for me I was in pretty good shape, but there were definitely times that I was pretty winded at the end of a take.

Vanessa: It’s fun, I mean I love staying fit, going to any kind of work out class, you take me, I’ll do it.

Vanessa at the Sydney Premiere of Journey 2: Mysterious Island

Bronny: Vanessa, how have you found the transition from musical to action movies?

Vanessa: It’s all fun and games at the end of the day, it’s just a different genre, I do enjoy singing and dancing, even during this one there was a lot of that going on off camera, so it really never ends, but it’s fun and I love branching out and trying different genres.

Bronny: In this film you carried a Ukalayli around for most of it, did you want to take it home with you at the end of it?

Vanessa: I actually had no attachment to it, it kept hitting people so I found it quite annoying, I would turn too fast and hit Josh in the face.

Josh: Yeah, that Ukalayli was whacking everybody.

Bronny: The Rock and his little song, was that improvised or part of the actual scene?

Josh: That was all part of the actual scene, I had no idea he was so multi-talented and had such an angelic voice!

Bronny: Those underwater scenes, I have to admit to being claustrophobic, I was cringing watching you! How did you prepare for something like that?

Josh: Well we got scuba certified at the beginning to do all the water action we did. Vanessa was already certified because she’s such a gun, but we all had to get certified. They actually built this giant 100,000 gallon tank on a sound stage in North Carolina and that’s where they shot all the swimming sequences and they actually built the Nautilus inside the tanks, like on top of the deck when we were unscrewing the lids etc, it was pretty intense. It was funny because the first time I saw the movie, literally as the water goes down in the Nautilus and we take our first breath, literally everybody took a big breath like ‘now I can breathe as well.’

Vanessa: Yeah, I would be holding my breath with you guys.

Vanessa & Josh at the Bondi Beach (V: is wearing Bec & Bridge)

Bronny: And what was your favorite aspect of the movie?

Vanessa: Just the experience in general, filming in Hawaii, working in Paradise, so incredible, just the whole feeling and vibe, everybody at work is so laid back.

Josh: Everyone wears board shorts and flip flops and making a movie, it was really cool, you get sucked into the whole Island vibe, where you’re just laid back and nothing’s a big deal and everything will take care of itself one way or the other, everybody was there to just do their job and make a movie.

Bronny: And what would be your dream movie role be?

Josh: For me, I just want to do things that are different, I think as an actor (and I’m probably stealing Vanessa’s answer) one of the best parts is getting to play different characters in different situations from different walks of life. And for me I just find people fascinating, so as many different types of people I can play, that’s what I want to do.

Vanessa: Ditto!

Vanessa at Bondi Beach (we love her natural look)

Bronny: And how do you both switch off during your down time?

Vanessa: Vacations and yoga! I do a lot of yoga.

Bronny: Vanessa, you’ve been looking stunning on the red carpet, we’ve been loving your outfits. What’s your favorite hair & makeup look?

Vanessa: I think just recently at the People’s Choice Awards we did this really neat cat eye smokey look, with this really cool pinned back hair version, it was kind of a take on Charlize Theron’s Dior ads. So it was just really fun putting our own spin on that. [Ed’s Note: Vanessa wore a sheer black Jenny Packham dress.]

Vanessa at the 2012 People's Choice Awards


Bronny: And for the red carpet when you’re thinking about how to make an impression do you work with a stylist or is it 100% you?

Vanessa: I work with a stylist but she gets me, it’s really hard because I’m very specific and meticulous with what I wear so she understands my style and helps me fulfill my goals and what I want.

Josh: Yeah, one time I went with Vanessa for one of her styling fittings and I was there for like five hours.

Vanessa: It was like two!

Josh: It seemed like five! But seriously, it was amazing to watch, they have this amazing connection and they were both jamming back and forth ‘I want it like the 30s’ or ‘the 50s’. It’s awesome to watch.

Vanessa wearing Jenny Packham at the 2012 People's Choice Awards

Bronny: And what’s next for both of you?

Josh: Well we’re promoting this film and just traveling around the world doing that and then there’s the Hunger Games so I’ll be promoting that, so lots of promoting for me.

Bronny: And just one more question! What would be the one question that you wish you would get asked and nobody ever asks you?

Josh: Oh man! I wish people would ask me about my family because they are my passion and I just love them and I love talking about them and could talk about them for hours.

Vanessa: Yoga! I love yoga or the Beatles!

Bronny: You should do your own yoga video!

Vanessa: Yeah – that would be great!

Josh: You totally should!

Bronny: Thanks so much for your time guys, congratulations on the movie, I really loved it and you did a great job!

Vanessa & Josh: Thanks so much.

Journey 2: Mysterious Island opens on Thursday January 19 around Australia, in case you missed our movie review, check it out here and of course don’t forget to check Vanessa and Josh out on the red carpet here.


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