Book Review: The Ultimate Fashionista, The Young Hollywood Style Guide, Alana Wulff

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Chelsey Blount

Stylish, sophisticated and bursting with inspiration, The Ultimate Fashionista, The Young Hollywood Style Guide by Alana Wulff is set to become an iconic book for teens and twenty-something\’s. Whether you want to kick-start your creative juices, or simply immerse yourself in an interesting read on fashion history, this book provides endless tips and advice on style, along with a useful ‘how-to\’ guide on how to reach your fashion industry goals.

Ultimate Fashionista charts the style evolution of a new era of celebrity beginning with the top 30 under 30 and showcases style in every way you could imagine. From the cool and quirky style of Chloe Moretz to the more chic and classic style of Taylor Swift, this section covers young style to a tee, and with a notes section following it, prompts the reader to think about where they sit within the fashion spectrum.

The style guide takes the reader on a journey throughout the fashion ages to see the evolution of different celebrity lines and collaborations, and further delves in to see the muses behind the collections; all chosen for their unique and trend-setting styles. All the while long, notes pages are there for the reader to contribute to the ‘story\’ being told.

A highlight of the style guide: the ‘influential people\’. This section charts the lives and lifestyles of those select few people dominating and steering the fashion industry in forward momentum. The editor: Anna Wintour; the stylist: Rachael Zoe; the PR queen: Kelly Cutrone; just a taste of the big names discussed and how they all got to be in the ‘dream job\’.

Ultimate Fashionista can be read and re-read, it\’s light, fun, interesting and is abounding with ideas and advice on all things fashion! A must have staple in a fashion gal\’s closet!

Available now: Random House RRP$24.95


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