Garnier Fructis Launches a new Hair Care Range of Anti-Dandruff Products

| 20 January , 2012 | Reply

Dandruff is an unfortunate but unavoidable part of life. Garnier Fructis have just released a range of Anti-Dandruff products to rid your scalp of dandruff at the first sight of flakes. Dandruff forms when the scalp\’s cellular turnover is too fast and the dead skin cells cluster and stick to each other. While there is no definite cause of dandruff, it can be brought on by stress, or a change in acidity of the scalp. Garnier Fructis Anti-dandruff products target both the visible flakes and the underlying scalp issues.

The range includes Anti-dandruff Normal, Citrus Detox, Sensitive, Fall Fight and Scrub – a gentle scalp exfoliant.  The range comes in cool blue packaging and is available now for $5.95.

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