We Chat to Rae Morris about her “Rae Morris” Ultimate Brush Collection + Make Up Tips

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It’s been a long time in the making but finally L\’Oréal Paris Makeup Director and best-selling author Rae Morris‘ highly anticipated make up brush collaboration with Crown Brush has hit the Australian market. Launching the ultimate 26-brush collection, that will enable a professional and flawless finish for all your makeup applications, Rae has used her lifetime of experience to custom design each brush that are handmade with the softest hair and we can attest to that.

“&I\’ve built all of my secrets into this collection. I hope these brushes make you feel as good on the inside and I know they will make you look on the outside.” – Rae Morris

The stand out brushes from the range include the “Square Kabuki” (#4) finishing brush which creates a flawless look as it blends eye shadow, blush and cleans up excess shadow fall from under the eyes. The “Deluxe Precision Shader” (#7) is the all in one shading tool you can\’t live without – it creates a wicked smokey eye and the “Micro-Fibre Foundation Brush” (#23) applies liquid, mineral or powder foundation with ease and eliminates the “cakey makeup” look.

We were lucky to go to a workshop with Rae and see first hand her incredible brush collection and then we chatted to her to get the lowdown on what we can expect from her range of brushes and who is her all time favourite celebrity she has worked with!

Natasa: How was meeting and working with Gok on his Australian tour?

Rae: Gok was such a true person. What you see is what you get.  When I was his make up artist on his recent Australian tour all we did was laugh. We were together 24:7, shared 15 flights and every flight he convinced the plane it was my birthday and they sang happy birthday to me everytime! I was so embarrassed.

Natasa: What can he not go without when going on stage?

Rae: Gok is very easy to look after. All we needed to do was prevent shine for the cameras.

Natasa: What inspired you to create your own brushes?

Rae:  I actually did not want to create my own brushes. Initially I was approached by Crown Brushes and thought to myself well if someone is wanting me to be a part of this then I will make it as difficult as possible so they will say no! So I suggested I wanted them individually made, Recycled ramboo handles, I wanted them cheaper than MAC brushes, Animal Cruelty Free approved which is the most difficult to get approved, pressure contoured and I wanted a selection of the brushes to be magnetic so they can stick together and not roll around. Can you believe this was all approved? I was shocked so I thought “Ok, let\’s do it”.

Natasa: Where are your brushes made?

Rae: In a small studio in Shanghai, China. There are eight staff in total. Three Japanese craftsmen, two Chinese and one Cambodian and two ladies oversee quality control. The studio is amazing. Polished floors, the staff wear high heels, make up, work 8-5:30pm, they get paid $25 and over an hour. China is very progressive and people have assumed because my studio is in China that the conditions are bad and the staff do not get paid well. There are worse working conditions in South Italy and El Salvatore believe me.

Natasa: How are your brushes made?

Rae: They are handmade, not one thing on a machine. It takes 5 minutes for the head of one brush. There is nothing like them in the world. To get the shape is very difficult. Normally a brush would have a harsh edge and you would need 20 strokes to blend to get the result you want, my brushes for the eye will take you 3 strokes to get the result! It is a craft and all my staff are fully trained and it has taken them two and a half years to be trained. I have tried myself to make a brush and it is so difficult!

Natasa: I know it will be hard to choose but which five brushes would you recommend?


  1. Radiance Brush #27 (Jennifer Hawkins’ favourite)
  2. Kabuki #1
  3. Foundation/Angle Contour #25
  4. Ultimate Cheek Bone #3
  5. Medium Precision Shader #8

Natasa: What are your three “must have” products/tools that if you had to pick?

Rae: Eyelash curler, mascara and a signature lip shade. I love the L\’Oreal ‘Made for Me\’ shades. The Doutzen Kroes shade is my ideal nude.

Natasa: You have done make up for a lot of celebrities over the years, who is your most memorable?

Rae: Definitely Gok. He is so true to himself. How he talks to the media, is how he talks to the cab driver. He treats everyone equally and we have such a blast. Second to him would be Pink. She is a cool, down to earth chick. Love them both!

Natasa: Why do we need the Rae Morris Brush Collection?

Rae: Investing in brushes is a great investment to have for your makeup regime. My brushes are made with love and high quality and I assure you that will enjoy putting on make up and how quickly and easily you will achieve your results you want. I always inform women that to achieve a professional make up look is not just spending money on high brand products. You can achieve the professional look by how you apply and this is more achievable with a great set of brushes, the product becomes secondary. Once you invest and look after them, then you have them forever!

Natasa: As an aspiring make up artist, many people look up to you and admire what you have achieved, what would you say are the fundamental qualities in behaviour and personality when dealing with people in the make up industry?

Rae: Need to work each job like it is your last, which is what I do. You need to be understanding. Live, eat, dream make up. Being composed at a job, no matter if there is bitchy behaviour or if you are intimidated, will make you stronger. You will get hired if you know how to behave from job-to-job.

Natasa: Are you working on anything non-make up related?

Rae:  I am actually working with plastic surgeons and training them on make overs. Showing them how make up can change the face. Plastic surgeons are not trained in make up so when someone comes in bare faced for surgery they are trained how to alter the face to get the results the client wants. I want to show them they can achieve certain results with tips in make up artistry. Speaking in-front of 500 plastic surgeons was definitely something I did not assume I would ever do!

We’ve also given you a few runway tips from Rae that you can use now:

  • When doing a smokey eye, use brush #7 to apply the lightest shadow all over the lid – you will cut your blending time in half!
  • With pale skin and if the hair is being worn up, use brush #3 to add a hint of bronzer or mineral foundation behind the ears (this is a really pale area that can literally glow in the dark).
  • When using liquid liners, apply sticky tape to the outer corner o the eye and with one stroke sweep your eyeliner along the lash line and straight onto the tape and of course don’t forget to remove the tape.
  • When using an eyebrow brush #18, apply hairspray to the brush and comb the fine hairs around the hairline into place.
  • To touch up lipstick bleeds, add a little foundation to brush #19 and use it to clean up the edges (like an eraser).
  • If you apply a straight line of shimmer using brush #24 down the centre of your thigh and calf, your legs will look slimmer!

We’ve included images of all of the brushes with their respective numbers to make it easy for you to refer back to:

Rae’s 26-piece set is $699, but she also has a 10-piece “personal set” which is much more affordable at AU$199 and the Radiance Brush #27 is sold separately for $85. You can purchase them at Rae’s website: www.raemorris.com or at the Crown Brush website.


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