Film Review: A Few Best Men

| 27 January , 2012 | Reply

Directed by: Stephan Elliot
Starring: Olivia Newton-John, Rebel Wilson, Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall
Sassi\’s Star Rating: 2.5/5

Englishman David (Samuel) meets the love of his life, Mia (Brent), a cashed up Aussie gal, whilst on holiday overseas and to the horror of all his friends, he gets engaged and is not just basking in a holiday fling. A Few Best Men stars Kris Marshall from Death at a Funeral and he brings his usual English lad antics to the forefront as one of the highly unsuitable ‘best men\’ at poor David\’s wedding in the beautiful Blue Mountains. The picturesque setting with some unlikely characters such as Mia\’s questionable sister Daphne (Wilson) and their Mum played by Australia\’s sweetheart Olivia Newton-John.

The pressure is on when David has to prove himself to Mia\’s family; however, they only get to meet him the day before the wedding. Everything starts to go pear shaped when David\’s three best mates inflict their idea of ‘fun\’ on the unsuspecting family. A range of hilarious incidents occur leaving the nuptials in a constant state of stress.

This is one wedding I would love to have gone to, just for the entertainment factor. Everything from the heavily featured Ram behind the Man to the quirky band and, of course, what disaster wedding would be complete without the completely inappropriate Best Man\’s speech! The film doesn\’t quite ‘hit\’ it on all counts but there are some lovely scenes that keep you giggling throughout. Great to have Liv back on our screens and Rebel is going to be a featured favourite in Aussie cinema for sure.

For a bit of a laugh and an Aussie style Hangover with stunning terrain, then this is a must.

Outback wedding catastrophe in a gorgeous setting! A Few Best Men is in cinemas now.


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