Joe Cross from Reboot Your Life Launches RebootYourLife Juices that Last up to 54 Days!

| 1 February , 2012 | 3 Replies

Today, Joe Cross announced his exciting new launch for the start of his Australian Tour, the launch of the RebootYourLife Juices. The RebootYourLife Juices can last up to 54 days unopened and chilled in the refrigerator and are available exclusively around Australia at more than 1,100 Woolworths grocery stores from today!

In a nutshell, the unique process used to make the juice, HPP (High Pressure Processing) uses cold pressure, not heat – which means that unlike other companies, the juices aren’t cooked before they are bottled. The cooking kills off most of the nutrients and (they think) a lot of the taste.  The patented HPP technology means Reboot can bring you a safe, stable product that will last unopened in your fridge for up to 54 days but with the delicious taste, incredible nutrients and vital enzymes perfectly intact.


Who is Joe Cross and Reboot Your Life?

RebootYourLife was founded by Joe Cross, whose personal transformation was documented in the film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Joe turned his life around by consuming nothing but the juice of fruits and vegetables for 60 days, and has stayed healthy and fit by making juice a part of his daily diet. RebootYourLife Juices make it easy for you to drink fresh, raw, nutritious, delicious juice part of your daily life. (Check out our story here at his Australian launch of the film).

RebootYourLife Juices has a menu of eight delicious, nutrient-dense fresh juices to choose from. Whether you crave sweet, tart, fresh greens or a rich smoothie, there’s a juice for you.  Using 100% natural ingredients, no concentrates, preservatives or colourings, just real, whole fruit and veggies.

You can check out more about Joe’s RebootYourLife Program at his website, seriously he’s so inspiring: and if you want to meet Joe at one of your local Woolies stores on his tour, visit his facebook page and if you want to watch his Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead show you can tonight on GEM (Channel 90) at 9.30pm.

UPDATE:  I have tried a number of Joe’s Juices and I wanted to tell you how good they are.  My favourite one is Lean Mean & Green, literally bursting with dense green nutrients you body will love you if you can make this a regular addition to your eating plan (for kids, add some freshly juiced apple juice and they’ll be drinking these dense nutrients in no-time).  The others I have tried were Just Carrot and Red Roar.  Red Roar is a bit rich for me so I needed to dilute it with filtered water but the flavours really zing around.  I spent the morning with Joe at my local Woolies today and what was particularly fascinating was the packaging process at his factory located in Melbourne, I’ll be writing a separate post about it at a later date, I need some more information from them as it was quite complex but I did address one concern I had and to which he said he gets all the time, is the issue around frutose overload in the body, their juices are designed to not do that, they try to keep to the 80/20 rule with have 80% vegies and 20%fruit.  

What you do need to remember though is even though these last up to 54 days, once you have opened them you need to consume them within 72hrs.  You also need to keep the refrigerated at all times and if you want to carry them around in your bag you can’t do so for longer than an hour otherwise they will go off and you’ll have to throw them away, dead nutrients are dead nutrients!

Anyway, enjoying rebooting your life!

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Hi Kim – I didn’t notice that, will make sure I have a look when I hit the supermarket next, I’d be disappointed if they’ve done that too. Have you asked Joe about it on his faecbook page to find out his reasoning and if the original is still available?

  2. Kim says:

    I can’t believe they’ve now changed the ‘Lean, Mean and Green’ to just ‘Mean and Green’ and added pear! It’s changed it from no carbs to carbs! Wouldn’t love to know where I can get the original Lean Mean and Green again.

  3. Anon42 says:

    I have only tried the red roar and my gosh it’s quite well I’ll just say “BEETROOT!!!”

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