The Lowdown on the Pink Pepper Fragrance Trend

| 1 February , 2012 | Reply

Pink Pepper is set to become the biggest fragrance note trend of 2012, according to trend forecaster ScenTrend. The fragrance, which is described as a sweet and spicy mix, was named as the up-and-coming scent for the New Year because of its suitability to the complex global climate. Pink Pepper reflects our complex world – with a provocative and take-charge attitude yet it maintains sense of warmth and comfort.

The distinct nature of Pink Pepper encourages experimentation, with the scent able to be used as a gourmand and romantic fragrance note. Pink Pepper is extracted from the pink berries of the Peruvian pepper tree, which are traditionally used in South American cooking. The berry has a spicy, fresh aroma with hints of juniper and angelica.

The scent is used in fine fragrance houses to create perfumes that are sweet, sexy and spicy. Well-known women\’s fragrances such as Gucci Guilty, Marc Jacobs Lola and Tom Ford Violet Blonde use Pink Pepper to create sultry, flirtatious scents. Pink Pepper is also used in a surprising number of men\’s fragrances including Marc Jacobs Bang and Issey Miyake\’s L\’eau Bleue d\’Issey Pour Homme, both described as having a fresh, spicy scent.

The beginning of 2012 brings exciting new challenges, so make your fragrance du jour anything with a note of Pink Pepper – for a fresh, spicy and sweet scent that matches your renewed energy for the year ahead.

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