Amanda Seyfried is Floral and Girlie on the Cover of Glamour’s March 2012 Issue

| 2 February , 2012 | 2 Replies

Amanda Seyfried is so gorgeously girlie in florals on the cover of the new look Glamour magazine\’s March 2012 issue as photographed by Ellen Von Unworth and styled by fashion editor Anne Christensen. Wearing a floral Pierre Balmain top, Hudson jeans and Candy Ice jewellery, inside she shares:

On whether Dominic Cooper was the last guy she loved: “My God, yeah. He was my last real boyfriend. We still joke about having kids, like, ‘If it doesn\’t work out with other people, we might as well just have a child.\’ And there\’s a part of that that feels&possible.”

On having kids and commitment: “Oh yeah, I think about kids all the time. I feel like the next person I commit to, that\’s going to be the guy who I\’m going to have kids with. That\’s in my crazy female brain. So that\’s why I\’m like, ‘I can\’t commit.\’ ”

On if she is going through a twenties slut phase: “No! I\’m terrified of being promiscuous. I don\’t like the feeling you get when it\’s not something that you truly want to do, and I hate the emotional abuse you give yourself afterward. It\’s just uncomfortable when you\’re with somebody and you\’re like, ‘I don\’t really know if I\’m even comfortable with this. Why did I? Eww!\’ I think dating can come without sex.”

On if she feels competitive with other young actresses: “Yeah, sometimes. But the funny thing is, the girls that I\’m always up against for roles are pretty nice and cool, like Emma Watson. She\’s awesome. She\’s really funny and smart. And Carey Mulligan. It\’s flattering to be up against her because she\’s really good, and she\’s cool too&I think the era of the diva actress is coming to an end.”

You can read and see more on Amanda’s interview at Glamour Magazine’s website.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    I agree Tam, I just lovely this cover of her!

  2. Oh my gosh how I love Amanda Seyfried. She can do no wrong in my eyes.

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