Film Review: Any Questions for Ben?

| 10 February , 2012 | 1 Reply

Directed by: Rob Sitch
Starring: Josh Lawson, Rachael Taylor, David Henshall, Felicity Ward, Christian Clark
Sassi\’s Star Rating: 4/5

When the charismatic Ben (Josh Lawson) gets invited to speak at his old schools careers evening, he is more then a little chuffed. A successful branding exec; Ben has a fat wallet, a luxury sports car, and a parade of hot-young-things filing from the bar to his bedroom. He\’ll be the hero of every kid at the school, and the envy of all the other presenters, right?

But when the panel of Olympic medallists and government aid attaches is opened for questions from the students, no-one has any questions for Ben.

Ben may not have impressed the students but he has captured the curiosity of fellow panellist Alex (Rachael Taylor), a beautiful human rights lawyer working for the UN in Africa. She asks him out for a drink, but suffering from a strong case of humiliation he doesn\’t quite understand, Ben lets his chance slide by.

When after a few days Ben still feels uncharacteristically insecure, he refuses to acknowledge that his life might not actually be as fulfilling as he once thought. He throws himself headfirst into bungee jumping and world ranked Russian tennis players; but he can\’t fight off the growing realisation that his success is transient. His modus operandi: not following though on anything, ever. At twenty-seven he\’s had more jobs, apartments, and girlfriends then he could care to count, and he\’s about to add an early mid life crisis to that list.

Any Questions for Ben is the brainchild of production company Working Dog – the guys that brought you iconic Australian films The Dish, and The Castle, as well as television success story Thank God You\’re Here. Comedic dream team Rob Stich, Santo Cilaro, and Tom Gleisner have struck creative gold with this film which hits just the right balance between funny, romantic, and commercially viable.

With slick cinematography, top notch set design, and a killer soundtrack this Australian film does not rely on quirky caricatures of Australiana to appeal to overseas audiences. It\’s something which is going to appeal to national audiences too. Finally, a fast paced flick which appeals to our countries slick urbanites (or just something which doesn\’t feature mullets and trackie dacks as a supporting cast member). Melbourne is almost Berlin like; a cosmopolitan urban haven brimming first class food, wine, and design cultures. It\’s the best Victorian tourism ad I\’ve seen yet.

This is not to say that the film is without its problems. A moment much too close to the script of well known British Rom-Com Love Actually frustrates in an otherwise highly original script. But it\’s not been often lately that an Australian rom-com has the realistic chance of combating Hollywood at the box office, and Any Questions for Ben has the potential to do just that.

Excellent performances, witty writing, and excellent production values; Any Questions for Ben is perfect for a non-soppy valentines date. Stay in your seat while the credits roll or there\’s a chance you might literary enact the old hyperbole ‘rolling in the aisles with laugher\’. They\’re the funniest part of the film by far.

 Any Questions for Ben is in cinemas now and check out our interviews with the Rachael Taylor, Jodie Gordon & Felicity Ward here and Josh Lawson, Christian Clark & Daniel Henshall here.


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