Preimere’s Tonight: Comedy from the Creator of Sex & The City, 2 Broke Girls

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2 Broke Girls, the new comedy series from the creator of Sex and the City, premieres tonight on Channel 9 featuring Kat Dennings (Thor, 40 Year Old Virgin) and Beth Behrs (American Pie) and looks to be a generation divider!


A lot of young girls move to New York City to “make it”, but Max and Caroline are just trying to make their rent.  Two girls from very different backgrounds – Max, poor from birth, and Caroline, born wealthy but down on her luck – wind up as waitresses in the same colourful Brooklyn diner. They strike up an unlikely friendship that could lead to a successful business venture. All they need to do is find $250,000 to start it up.

Sassy, streetwise Max Black (Kat Dennings) works two jobs just to get by, including her waitress night shift at the retro-hip Williamsburg Diner. Sophisticated Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) is an uptown trust-fund princess having a run of bad luck that forces her to reluctantly give waitressing a shot.

At first, Max sees Caroline as yet another in a long line of inept servers she must cover for, but she\’s surprised to find that Caroline has as much substance as style.

When Caroline discovers Max\’s knack for baking amazing cupcakes she sees a lucrative future for them, but they first need to raise the start-up money. While saving their tips, they work with Oleg (Jonathan Kite), an overly flirtatious Russian cook; Earl (Garrett Morris), a 75-year-old cashier and cool cat; and Han Lee (Matthew Moy), the new, eager-to-please owner of the diner.

Working together, these two broke girls living in one very expensive city might just find the perfect recipe for their big break.

Watch the trailer:

Yahoo TV say that the show’s humour is quite adult and cruel and that older viewers may be appalled; younger audiences will likely be entertained. I’ve not seen

2 BROKE GIRLS premieres tonight, Tuesday February 14th, AT 8.00PM on Channel Nine, visit their website for more.

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