Book Review: The Decision, Penny Vincenzi

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Set against a vibrant sixties backdrop, this is the story of two bright young things: Eliza, an ex-deb making a splash in the world of fashion, and Matt, a working-class boy carving out a serious name for himself in property. Their story begins with a love affair, closely followed by a marriage, followed by a baby. But whilst their relationship is at first fuelled by passion, it’s not of the enduring kind, and soon what started out with such promise descends into a harrowing divorce case and an epic custody battle. With everything at stake for both Eliza and Matt, and neither party willing to give up their little girl without a fight, it’s high drama in the courts. Let battle begin…

Penny Vincenzi is one of the UK\’s best-loved and most popular authors. Since her first novel, Old Sins, was published in 1989, she has written thirteen bestselling novels, most recently The Decision and The Best of Times.

The Decision is  set against a glorious “coming of age” background of London, as I was reading the novel, I could see in my mind\’s eye,  the superb city, growing and developing  as much as the characters.  If you love fashion, magazines and glamour — you will adore The Decision.

The characters meet and mingle with “real-life” fashion and photography personalities which adds another wonderful layer to the story.

Luckily for readers Penny’s own magazine and editorial background, allowed for characters with significant substance and depth and a truly enlightening setting. (For more details about this read the interview with the wonderful Penny Vincenzi here.)

Aside from these glamboyant details, the novel also deals with class, abortion and of course, divorce — all rather sobering yet dealt with in style.

Do not be put off by the size of the novel — its 757 pages, I was told by Penny there was a significant reduction! It was a truly wonderful adventure and one worth every page.

I hadn’t read any of Penny Vincenzi’s tomes before but following The Decision, I’ve added all her previous novels to my reading list.

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99 and in case you missed it, you can check out our interview with Penny here.


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