Naomi Watts is the New European Brand Ambassador for Astalift (aka. Fuji Film Anti-Aging Skincare)

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Fujifilm is launching their Astalift anti-aging skincare range into Europe with Naomi Watts named as their European Brand Ambassador.  Expanding on the success of being one of Japan’s best selling skincare brands (launched in 2007), the Astalift European range will also include their signature product an anti-aging serum called Astalift Jelly Aquarysta:

“I\’m proud to be the ambassador for Astalift as it\’s really important to me to look and feel my most radiant self. I love Jelly Aquarysta and I really feel Astalift will become the favorite skincare too of women everywhere,” she said in a release. – Naomi Watts

The active ingredients in the Astalift line\’s formula are collagen and astaxanthin, an antioxidant derived from seaweed. Andrzej Brylak, director of Fujifilm\’s European health and beauty division, which has been established to oversee the brand\’s European launch, noted collagen is an area of expertise for the company, as it\’s a component of film. (via)

“One of the problems with photography [is] anti-oxidization — how to protect the picture, the colors, how to preserve the material and fight with oxygen,” said Brylak. “And this is also one of the problems with the skin.”

“I think cosmetics and skin care will form an important part of [Fujifilm\’s] future and is only going to grow,” said Honey. “In the future there is a tremendous market potential for health and well-being products, particularly ones that really work and make you look good for longer.”

With plans to launch into the US, I wonder if we will see the brand arrive on Australian shores? It’s hard to get your head around that a renowned Camera Company (the $23bn company produces film & digital cameras, office products & printers, medical systems and pharmaceutical research & development) is doing skincare!

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