Book Review: Darkness Falls, Cate Tiernan

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Darkness Falls by Cate Tiernan is the second novel in the Immortal Beloved trilogy. Set in the modern day, it follows a group of immortals as they try to right wrongs and find a way to forgive their former lives so that they can once again immerse themselves back into society.

The main character, Nastasya, has what I can only describe as a very distinct voice; from the first page there was no doubt about whose point of view I was in, and as always it made me smile. Nastasya has the kind of tone that some readers either love or hate. She can be a bit immature at times, but I personally think that\’s part of her charm; she isn\’t a person who has everything completely together. And though she is over 400 years old she is still learning, growing and finding herself in the world.

Then there is Reyn: the winter Viking with the looks of a god. He is striving to begin anew and that means leaving the past behind, but can Nastasya ever forgive him for the part he played in destroying her family? Could she be ready to trust again?

And what about her past? After months at River\’s Edge, building a new life and beginning to change—what happens when darkness enters their haven and she believes she is responsible? What will she do when Innocencio holds out his hands with claims to save her?

Throughout the story, there is a brief dip into some of the other characters\’ backgrounds, revealing some complicated and unexpected histories, that show Nas and Reyn aren\’t the only ones with dark pasts. Though while some of the characters are trying to overcome their actions, there are others that embrace them.

Tiernan\’s world is a place of desires and dark promises, and like a beacon there are some characters that shine through the fog. They give you something to hold onto and to hope for, as you traipse through the mind of the immortals.

Available now: Hachette RRP$22.99



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