Book Review: Night School, C.J. Daugherty

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Allie is a troubled teen. Her home life isn\’t as it used to be and now she lashes out in any way she can just to feel she still exists. But when she gets arrested—again—her parents decide that something has to change. So they cut her off from everything that could be pulling her down: her friends, her home and even them.

Instead Allie is sent to Cimmeria Academy; an elite school for the rich, privileged and gifted, all of which Allie is not& She doesn\’t belong here; a fact that is none-too-subtly pointed out by Cimmeria\’s resident black sheep, Carter West.

There is something about Carter that Allie can\’t quite put her finger on, but when the unthinkable happens and she soon finds herself back at the centre of curiousity and gossip, she is going to have to decide just how far her trust of him goes.

And then there\’s Sylvain; the school\’s richest and most desired heartthrob. From the outset Allie captures his attention and he draws her under his wing, but as they start to spend more time together she begins to wonder if he is hiding something. Could it be that he is a part of the elusive and secretive Night School? And what did Carter mean when he warns Allie to be careful with Sylvain—is it jealousy that makes him lose his cool or is it something more?

Night School is C.J. Daugherty\’s debut novel, which brings a gripping tale and a new strong voice to the teen market. Daugherty weaves a world full of secrets and intrigue through her characters. And as Allie tries to piece together a life that has fallen apart, she uncovers a secret that has her wondering what it that life was all one big lie? What do you do when everyone is lying?

At Cimmeria Academy everyone has a past, some darker than others. And a small part of me is hoping that there will be redemption for one of the characters and I suspect he (yes, it\’s one of the boys) might have a bigger role to play later on. Plus, I can\’t wait to find out what happens with one of Allie\’s friends, Lucas—a sweet and goofy guy who has garnered the attention of two girls. Who will he choose? I know who I want it to be, but will Daugherty make it that simple? I suspect not; the best kinds of romances are the ones with hitches and bumps, so let\’s just hope a sequel comes out soon, otherwise I might just have a meltdown from all the possibilities.

Night School is a book that will no doubt shake up the market. While still holding onto the tone and feel of a YA paranormal, it\’s surprisingly—and refreshingly—not one. Daugherty has created a thriller, which mixes secret societies, boarding schools, teen drama and romance, and the end result is intoxicating.

Once you step foot into Cimmeria Academy you won\’t want to leave&

Available now: Hachette RRP$22.99


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