Come Inside for a Sneak Peek at Dior’s Jewellery Designer, Victoire de Castellane’s Workshop

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Dior has kindly taken us behind the scenes for a glimpse into the vibrant and colourful world of Dior’s Jewellery Designer Victoire de Castellane’s workshop and it’s as glamboyant and as inspiring as you could expect.

A Parisienne, Victoire de Castellane grew up in an aristocratic family whose origins can be traced back to the 10th century. Among the Castellane clan there have been Provençal money-coining Prince Regnants, a few bishops, peers de France, generals, Talleyrand, a Marshall Governor of Lyon, and the umpteenth leading light, Victoire\’s great-grand-uncle: dandy and legend of the Parisian Second Empire, Boni de Castellane, whose soirées, hosted in his illustrious Palais Rose on the Avenue Foch, were renowned as being the most remarkable of the entire Belle Époque.

Victoire was inspired by her grandmother Sylvia Hennessy and her friend Barbara Hutton who were both lovers of extravagant jewellery, starting early at the age of five when she dismantled a priceless charm-bracelet to make a pair of earrings. Her mother wasn’t happy but her creativity was quenched. At age 12, she created her first ring but her mother still had cause to be disgruntled: in order to get the precious metal, and with not a second thought, she melted down her religious medals.

Victoire’s passions for jewellery making were driven more by imagination with mixed sources of inspiration- the naivety of Technicolor, the sophistication of CinemaScope, botanical surprises, butterfly wings, nature\’s splendours, Hollywood and Bollywood, American cartoons from the 1950s, actresses, ballet-dancers, a woman\’s curves and attitude, Japanese figurines, acidulous and blissfully carefree pop culture – play with the barriers between natural and artificial, real and fake, naive and beautiful, minute and excessive.

Everything starts from a sketch on a Post-it note – “I wish I could have my brain scanned,” she says – and the technical preparations can sometimes take up to two years with everything being hand-made in Parisian workshops, nothing is mechanized.

Victoire de Castellane launched Dior’s Haute Joaillerie department on January 1, 1998.

You can check out Dior’s beautiful jewellery collection on their website.

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