Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2013/14 Colour Planner Provides Key Lessons in Happiness

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Pantone have released their Fall/Winter 2012/13 Colour Planner with the colour forecast titled “Happiness” highlighting the key colour palettes for women\’s wear, menswear, active wear, cosmetics and lifestyle, as well as industrial and graphic design for the 2013/14 season.

Inspired by the dominating global trend of Happiness, with a divide between the “east” and “west” around definitions of happiness ie. in the Western society, happiness is often defined by feelings of delight and joyousness, and consumption is marketed as a quick route to instant gratification. In the East, happiness is believed to exist within oneself and is considered to be a deeper state of constant well-being, borne from the ideas of wholeness and togetherness.

From a colour perspective, happiness is usually associated with bright and bold colours which we are seeing in our current seasons but they will remain for FW2013.14 but will be balanced by a more peaceful range of shades that reflect a more contemplative attitude and feelings of thoughtful meditation, essentially bringing together the East and West which is such a strong trend globally as I mentioned.

“Happiness can be fleeting, and we wanted to express the idea of movement by presenting color stories that give the impression of fluidity,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of fashion, home and interiors at Pantone. “The season is not about presenting palettes in single story concepts that bear no relation to one another, but instead about color continuity and how the appearance of color can be dramatically altered by its interaction with different fabrics or surface treatments.”

PANTONE VIEW Colour Planner Fall/Winter 2013/2014 contains the following seven palettes:

  • Endlessness: The colors of Endlessness are a blend of neutral tones. They are cloudy, smooth, osmotic, balanced, out of focus, shifting, vaporous, quiet and peaceful.
  • Preciousness: Preciousness highlights a new level of pastels, slightly aged and light-weathered for winter executions. Preserved color collected through the generations sees a gathering of shell pink, blotting paper, linen and vegetal greens.
  • Bliss: In Bliss, irresistible, deep and luscious darks are counterbalanced with three metallic highlights. These rich colors are ripe with mouth-watering temptation and enticing aromas&
  • Togetherness: Fire and sun gift their energy to the earth in Togetherness, creating a range of warm orange and toasted toffee shades, burnt and melting reds, balanced by two, almost icy tones.
  • Awareness: Neutrals move away from the gray landscapes of cities and travel a path back to nature& The colors we see in Awareness speak to motionless landscapes, nightfall or dawn.
  • Wholeness: Wholeness is a story linked to memories and the familiar: in other words, reassuring colors like reds, yellows, greens, cyans and browns that bring happiness and casualness to our lives.
  • Joyousness: You can trust the range of warm-hearted mid-tones, and the bright juxtaposition of colors in Joyousness, which are designed to illuminate and vivify everything they touch.

You can expect to continue to see bright colours playing a major part alongside veiled blended colours.  Grays will be important for veiling, layering and imposition. Neutrals infuse warmth, Metallics remain imbued with colour but will be softer. Violets are more dominant in colour statements alongside the theme of inner contemplation and personal joy. Red remains classic but acquires a darker more bloodied hue. Blue makes a statement representing deep calm.  Black and white are intertwined opposites, encompassing a feeling of reflection, light and luminosity.  Yellows move between sun-warmed neutrals to more aggressive highlights, giving a firm presence in the palette.

I love this colour concept, it’s truly matching what’s going on globally with the rise of the ‘lightworker’ and human beings everywhere trying to find their own centre of calm. Colours have long been renowned for reflecting our moods and emotions and the rise of the “West” adopting “Eastern” ways and philosophies, this ‘prediction’ is bang on trend in the way forward.

Courtesy of Pantone

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