Salma Hayek Gets her Milk Mustache on for a “Got Milk” Campaign Targeting Non-Breakfast Eaters

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Salma Hayek has put her milk mustache on display as the latest celebrity to join the “Got Milk” campaign, this time teaming up with celebrity TV chef Ellie Krieger to launch The Breakfast Project to help more Americans enjoy breakfast at home and be sure to set the table with milk. The goal is to makeover America’s mornings so families can have a more nourishing and delicious start – which can have a powerful impact on the rest of their day.

“My days are always super busy, always very hectic, and I have to juggle so many things at the same time, but I wouldn’t dream of skipping breakfast,” said Hayek. “I recognize how valuable it is to begin the day with a healthy breakfast that includes milk. It’s a special time that I can share with my family, and I feel good that my daughter is getting the best start possible to her day.”

Breakfast is famously known as the most important meal of the day, yet it’s the most likely meal to be skipped. One in five Americans, or about 60 million people, do not eat or drink anything in the morning before 11 a.m., according to a new analysis by The NPD Group; and millions more opt for nutrient-poor choices on the run.

And the same can be said for Australia the results of a National Nutrition Survey (1995*), on average, nearly 1 in 5 Australian adults skip breakfast at least 3 days per week, while 1 in 4 adolescents go to school hungry.* Also, according to the 2007 National Children\’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Study, 1 in 10 children skip breakfast regularly. Breakfast is our most important meal of the day with or without milk!

Hayek and Krieger  are helping launch The Breakfast Project to celebrate breakfast at home, you can visit their website: where they will share unique breakfast recipes, insights from other real moms and a Breakfast Learning Lab that delves into the country’s a.m. habits and the research that supports the benefits of breakfast.

“I make sure that my family has a nutritious breakfast every day,” Hayek said. “We often keep it simple with cereal and milk at breakfast, or sometimes we have some fun and make smoothies with milk and fruit. As long as my daughter has that glass of milk, I know that she’s getting calcium, protein and other nutrients to help her be strong, focused and ready for the day. Plus, I make sure she sees me make healthy choices in the morning, too. I’m trying to be a positive breakfast role model.”

Check out Salma’s first TVC here:

Is that her daughter Valentina?

* Australian Bureau of Statistics. (1997) 4802.0 – National Nutrition Survey: Selected Highlights, Australia, 1995.

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