On Counter: New Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cleansers and Scrubs for Skin Brightening & Shine Control

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Clean & Clear recently unveiled new additions their Morning Burst skin care regime, four new products to target skin brightening and shine control.  Both ranges are designed to enliven the skin, leaving it looking and feeling more refreshed. Both scrubs and cleansers contain bursting beads, which burst with vigorous vitamins while applying, to energise the skin.

The Skin Brightening Cleanser is infused with caffeine, lemon and papaya. It\’s been uniquely formulated for young skin, designed to stop pores from clogging. The cleanser has been designed to remove impurities from deep down inside the pores and is a uniquely formulated exfoliant, intended for all types of skin. It has been designed to scrub away all dull surfaces, leaving the skin with a brighter complexion.

While other similar cleansers leave the skin feeling clean but dry, this cleanser was soft and refreshing and after use, the skin felt light and moisturized. The fruity fragrance enlivens the senses and makes skin feel more awake and energized.  Whereas the Skin Brightening Scrub left skin feeling soft and new and was similar to the cleanser, with the delicious fruity scent and the bursting beads opening up giving the skin a shot of morning energy.

The shine control products are infused with lemongrass, fruit extracts, Vitamin C and the same bursting beads. The cleanser dissolves as it is lathered on to the face, removing oil and dirt without over-drying the skin. The shine control scrub helps to control shine and nourish skin, with a fragrance that helps to wake to you up.

The Shine Control Cleanser is a light, fruity smelling liquid which leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. With active ingredients such as Vitamin C and witch-hazel, skin is noticeably less shiny.  The Shine Control Scrub is a non-drying, gentle exfoliating scrub designed to leave skin soft, but not harshly cleansed. The invigorating fragrance helped enliven the skin and senses and after use, our skin felt refreshed, revitalized and very soft.

All four products are RRP$10.99 and are designed for use on a wet face, followed by a pat dry. Available now, for your nearest stockist call 1800 029 979.

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