We Chat to the Cast & Crew at American Pie: Reunion’s Premiere at Melbourne Central

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Last night (March 7th) we hit the red carpet for the world premiere of the next installment of the American Pie movie franchise; American Pie: Reunion. Melbourne Central was bursting at the seams with fans to try and catch a glimpse of their favourite star; Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Eugene Levy and filmmakers Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg.

A surprise drop in from the USA with Ronnie (Ronald Ortiz-Magro) walked the red carpet shared “it’s so great to be out here, and I haven’t seen the movie as I missed the premiere in America, and I watched this growing up. This was happening so I thought i’d pop along and support the crew and see the movie at the same time.” Alongside; model Samantha Downie, Miss Universe Australia Scherri-Lee Biggs, Shane Warne, footballers Mathew Lloyd, Buddy (Lance) Franklin, Travis Cloake, Warwick Capper, Lachlan and Jordan of Beauty and the Geek fame, Paris Wells, Simone Warne and Toby Roberts, Nick Bracks and Damien Bodie.

The first American Pie stars to come my way were the Directors Jon and Hayden:

“We were in College when the first movie came out, and it was just huge, like all the fans here we just loved it and felt like we grew up with the characters. Jon and I – we’re at an age when we would be going back to our highs chool reunion, so we felt like it was the right moment for us” said Jon. I wondered if they went to their high school reunion, Hayden set me straight pretty quickly thought ‘we never went to our high school reunion, this was our high school reunion, we felt like we went to high school with Stiffler and Jim. But we have been back to a lot of weddings and a lot of things from people in our class and there was a lot of inspiration from the dynamics that you see after all the years”.

With that it was my moment with Tara Reid  who was looking stunning in a grey gown by Kristian K and a pair of vintage earrings. I asked Tara what it was like to be back working with the original American Pie cast:

“This is the first time we’ve all come back together since the first movie, which has been amazing. It’s a great cast, a great group of people, the storyline is fun and we all really like each other. You’ll have a good time in the movie, you’ll reminisce, it’s comedy with a heart.”

At that, I asked if maybe being in such a funny movie that there might be a lot of out takes: “More of the boys have out takes, the boys are the funny ones, the girls are the good ones and the boys are crazy.”

As the crowd screamed for Jim, Stiffler and the rest of the cast, Seann William Scott who plays the infamous Stiffler came my way, I welcome Sean and wondered what it was like being back in Australia:

“It’s great to be back, I love Australia, but it’s even better to be back to promote the movie.”

I also asked Sean what it was like to be back working on the movie: “I had a great time, i had the most fun that i’ve had on any film, and i mean that, i mean you feel like you are supposed to say that but i genuinely had more fun. Firstly because the character is so much fun to play, but also because the cast is just so fun to be with.”

At this stage the crowd was screaming so hard for Seann that he was prompted to say:

“This is my biggest fan club here, I actually pay them, I fly them in from my home town in Minnesotta! It’s very expensive but I have Universal put it in their budget’.

With that I asked my final question asking Seann what it was like to play a guy that most men want to be or in other words the biggest douche bag ever, at that Seann laughed:

“I think most guys identify with the character because there is a little bit of Stiffler in every guy, and most girls too and i’m not trying to be perverted! But i think in this movie he’s not as much of a douchebag, he’s got good intentions, but a bad approach. I think he’s kind of misunderstood! But I think guys can kind of relate to him because, I mean there is a reason why Bridesmaids and Sex And The City worked, girls talk about sex as much as guys do. it’s just that Stiffler talks about it and other guys don’t.”

With that I thanked Seann and then it was time to talk to the hilarious Chris Klein. I asked him how he channelled being the successful one in the storyline:

“Good good acting class – let me tell you – really good acting class! You’re gonna play a successful sports highlights sports host, I was like Oh My God – What do I do’ Chris laughed ‘I called my acting coach and I was like what am I going to do’ and he said ‘channel Strasberg’.

And I asked what it was like being back together: “The best, these guys are my bro’s and they are my dear dear friends and we just have a groovy time.”

Finally, I got to chat to one of my comedy hero’s Eugene Levy, admitting I’m a huge fan I couldn’t help but confess that I think Eugene delivers one of the funniest lines in movie history from Best In Show ‘No, I actually have two left feet‘ when his character explains he can’t dance, pans to his feet only to reveal – two left feet. Laughing Eugene was flattered and thanked me before we started to chat about Eugene’s current project American Pie: Reunion. I asked Eugene if it was true that he actually passed on American Pie to begin with:

“That is true, more than once, the script read very very raunchy to me, and I didn’t know who was involved and I thought boy this could get out of hand, it’s best to stay away from it, and then I was told to take a meeting with the Directors, which I did, and then when I ended up meeting with Paul and Chris Whites who ended up Directing the first movie, I realised that these are two really really smart kids with a great sense of comedy, and I got to trust them almost immediately and I knew that they would kind of keep the ship on an even keel. Because the first American Pie could easily have crossed the line into just plain bad taste, but they had a great eye on this and they kept everything on the right side of taste.”

After almost an hour of working the red carpet it was time for the movie to screen and with that I headed up to join the cast for a hilarious screening of the movie which opens nationally today in Hoyts Cinema’s across Australia.

Photos courtesy of Mel Hobbs


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