Book Review: Private No. 1 Suspect, James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

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James Patterson’s latest novel featuring Jack Morgan, Private No.1 Suspect, starts with just as much glamour and intrigue as we would expect from the head of Private International, the world’s most exclusive security and investigation firm. For while Jack has been overseas, someone has broken into his house and murdered his ex-girlfriend in his bed, and left her body there for the world to find.

Of course Jack is the prime suspect but even though he is under police investigation, the cases won’t stop rolling in. As well as trying to clear his name, a string of murders in high-end hotels calls for Jack’s personal attention, and his top team have been coerced into investigating the theft of $30 million worth of stolen pharmaceuticals. Stolen, that is, from the Mob. Between the three cases there is enough pressure on Jack and his team but of course it doesn’t end there. Jack’s longest-serving colleague Justine threatens to leave Private after her next case is over, and Jack does not have any idea how to keep her, since her main gripe is that he seems pathologically unable to open up to her, whether in a relationship or not. And Justine’s own case isn’t a walk in the park either, as it involves a high-profile action movie star and a string of girls – the latest one of which has disappeared.

As always James Patterson provides an entertaining and fast-paced thriller, with enough action to keep anyone glued to the pages. What makes this different is that Jack himself is on the other side of the investigation for once. Private International has to be able to clear Jack’s name, while solving three other cases to boot. And with their typical flair, Jack’s amazing team of investigators does pull through and Private will live to investigate another day.

Available now: Random House RRP$32.95


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