Film Review: 21 Jump St

| 15 March , 2012 | Reply

Directed by: Phil Lord and Chris Miller
Starring: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Dave Franco, Ice Cube
Sassi\’s Star Rating: 3.5/5

Most people have bad dreams about turning up to school in their underpants, but for these guys just turning up to school at all is a nightmare.

The ever popular 1987 – 91 television series that kick-started the career of one Mr. Johnny Depp is back and bigger then ever. That\’s right, 21 Jump St has made the transition from small to silver screen, and it only took two decades to happen (give or take). But this isn\’t just a remake, it\’s a total revamp.

Instead of the misfit band of five you might remember, our comedic expectations rest on the shoulders of two new recruits: Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill). Jenko is the athletic jock type with a huge bicep measurement, but not much going on upstairs. Schmidt is the overweight and anxious mummy\’s boy who can blitz a test, but couldn\’t outrun danger if his life, quite literally, depended on it. You\’d think with their powers combined they could rule the world, right? Wrong. This pair of rookies just can\’t catch a break&or a criminal.

After a particularly bad gaffe, the pair is demoted to 21 Jump St: an undercover sting operation in which they must pretend to be high school students in order to infiltrate an emerging drug ring. Jenko, the old prom king shoe in, can\’t wait to rule the roost again. Schmidt, who remembers a painful existence as a brace-faced Slim Shady look-alike, has understandably deeper reservations.

It\’s classic odd couple shenanigans, but this fall back formula is reinvigorated by Tatum and Hill who work hard to give you more then just the stereotypes. The plot deepens when Jenko\’s jock mentality doesn\’t fit in as expected with the eco-friendly, two shoulder strap wearing, organised-sport hating popular kids of 2012. Can you see the tables turning?

21 Jump St does follow formula to a tee, but it\’s very funny while it does so (which is more then can be said for a lot of teen faire). This film has more action then a high school flick, and more classroom comedy than a teen action adventure. It also has more phallic humour than anyone who isn\’t a teenage boy with Freudian compulsions needs to be subjected to. But unless you\’re particularly offended by that sort of stuff, it\’s worth sticking it out for other truly riotous laughs.

Is it responsible filmmaking? No. Is it something you\’ve never seen before? Unlikely.

But is it that hilarious high school genre flick that\’s going to have you laughing out loud? Absolutely.

Watch out for some impressive cameos.

21 Jump St is in cinemas now.


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