Backstage with Alex Perry at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2012

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Alex Perry divides people, they either love him or hate him but I’ll be up front, I’m a big fan, regardless of what you think of him as a person, he’s incredibly talented and knows his fashion.  You’ve seen him on Project Runway and Australia’s Next Top Model, he delivers those classic Perry statements that have had us in hysterics and we were lucky enough to head backstage to see Alex in action as he presented his Spring/Summer 2012/13 Collection at L’Oreal’s Melbourne Fashion Festival last week.

Bronny: I just have to say, the collection is beautiful, I am in love with everything! It actually made me want to get married, my partner is going to freak out when I go home and tell him I want to do it all again!

Alex: (laughing) you want a commitment renewal ceremony, ring, dress the whole thing!

Bronny: That’s right! Well the collection was simply stunning. I guess the thing we really want to know is what was the inspiration behind this amazing collection?

Alex:  It’s what I do and it’s my signature, glamorous evening wear, and I always pick a different part of the world and for me this year it was Sardinia. That beautiful strong Italian woman from an island off Italy which is different to a Milanese woman or someone that comes from the mainland. It had a bit of a throw back to old 1940s couture laces. There were those beautiful corset dresses which are reminiscent of just great under garments. Sheer veils of tuille with beading, I saw different prints from fabrics that we turned into beading and a whole lot of different stuff! So kind of ‘Italian Island’.

Bronny: And how about key colour trends, I noticed red – one of your signatures!

Alex: Red is classic for evening for me, it’s one of those staples, it’s like black and red are great evening colors. I think the nude palette is great on a lot of different woman and I dyed that color up so it was a pinky / fleshy nude with sparkle. Black and white is another combination that I always love, it’s sharp and beautiful. Black and White, it was a nude and metallic colour palette, and then pops of that beautiful chartreuse beaded dress and then red.

Bronny: Stunning! And you’re presenting this collection here in Melbourne as opposed to Sydney. What’s the reasoning around that?

Alex: It’s the right time for us. Fashion Week in Sydney whilst I love it, is too late, by the time it’s showing we’re already in production. I love the public component to this, where there is the mix of you guys – the fashion media – and then there are the women who will go out and buy this. And I love that they can come to a big event like this and see it presented the way that I would like it presented. I mean they’ll flick through a catalogue, they’ll go online, but there is a different energy to this, when you listen to the music I like, watch it on the girls I like. It’s exciting I think.

Bronny: Absolutely, and can you name any favorite pieces in the collection?

Alex: I can never pick! I like lots of them, there is something about all of them that I really like. I love the first and second dresses that came out, that Ruby Jean wore and the closing dress was great, but there were lots in between, I love that Chartreuse one with the sequining on it. It’s really hard to identify one for me.

Bronny: And how is the new Executive Collection going?

Alex: It’s great! Corner office!! Promote!!!

Bronny: Fantastic, and back for another season for Project Runway?

Alex: Yes, down here in Melbourne, I think we start shooting in June / July and we’re going to have a proper live final – like Top Model.

Bronny: But with no ear piece announcement!

Alex: (laughing) there will be no ear pieces thanks! There will be envelopes! Works for Miss Universe. No.  But it will be great and I’ll get to come back down to Melbourne, which will be a lot of fun. I’ve become very well acquainted with Melbourne.

And with that I said thank you and goodbye to Alex, who was in high demand with the rest of the fash press keen to tell them how much they loved his collection too!

And in case you missed our review on his show, you can check it out here and don’t forget to check out our interview with Rae Morris backstage here.

Photos courtesy of Melissa Hobbs

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