Backstage with Rae Morris at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival for Alex Perry’s SS2012/13 Fashion Show

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Last week at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival we were lucky enough to head backstage to interview the divinely talented uber Make Up Director for L’Oreal, Rae Morris to talk about the look she created for Alex Perry’s Spring/Summer 2012/13 Collection.

Inspired by the colour blocking trend, we got all the goss from Rae on the Alex Perry look and how to tone it down to recreate yourself, ’cause you’ve got to admit, it’s very very bold and dramatic, just like Alex P himself:

Bronny: Thank you so much for letting us interview you, and especially when it’s so hectic and crazy and busy.

Rae: No worries I can work and talk (laughing).

Bronny: So can you tell us the inspiration behind tonight’s look?

Rae: Well you know Alex Perry, he likes a bit of drama and he basically said to me “we’ll base it on the inspiration on the L’Oreal Paris Collection”. So we had these really strong jewel colors and we both saw navy and gasped and said – “let’s go navy.” I thought, color blocking is still the big thing trend wise so I wanted to really push it and give that sexy eye – because Alex Perry is so sexy. So we are pushing that cat woman shape to the beyond.

Bronny: Stunning! And with the beauty break down how can we achieve this look ourselves?

Rae: It’s quite extreme, but what is awesome about this, is that it’s two colors on the eye, Infallible Navy Blue on the eye which lasts hours on the eye and doesn’t drip and doesn’t crease either. And the great thing about navy, it’s one of the only colors that is cool and warm. So no matter the color of your skin, it will suit you. If you want to get this perfect, a bit of sticky tape on the outer corner eyes, then gold and beautiful luminescence skin. Lumi foundation and a hint of lip gloss. We’re just contouring cheeks with no blush.

Bronny: Beautiful! And how can we tone it down for those of us who don’t walk the catwalk!

Rae: To tone this down, just do that beautiful Audrey eyeliner you love and navy, and lots and lots of mascara, top lash only to get that cat eye.

Bronny: Key colour makeup trends?

Rae: Think deep jewel colors, so instead of bright poppy, think deep colors, deep violet, green, navy, mahogany, deep copper bronzes, so think of the smokey eye – but instead of just black, do it in the other colors but just one solid color.

Bronny: And how many shows are you doing?

Rae: 17!

Bronny: My god!

Rae: (laughing) This is number 3.

Bronny: Well you’re doing an amazing job!

With that Rae got back to doing the amazing job that she does, and I can vouch that the models looked stunning on the catwalk with their super sexy, cat eyes!

And in case you missed our review on his show, you can check it out here and don’t forget to check out our interview with Mr Alex P himself here.

Photos courtesy of Melissa Hobbs

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