Book Review: I’ve Got Your Number, Sophie Kinsella

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In Sophie Kinsella’s latest entertaining, and light-hearted novel, I’ve Got Your Number, it is 10 days till Poppy Wyatt’s wedding to Magnus Tavish, scion of an extremely gifted family, and she has somehow lost her engagement ring. Not just any ring mind you, but a family heirloom crusted with emeralds and diamonds. So, not the sort of thing that you anticipate replacing in a hurry. Magnus’s intimidating parents are due back any day from six months’ sabbatical from their respective highly-regarded academic careers, and Poppy is at her wits’ end dreaming up hilarious and overblown strategies to hide her embarrassingly naked ring finger from them.

While she is thus occupied, she happens to get mugged and her phone is stolen. Disaster! How will people find her to let her know the ring has been found? Luck visits Poppy by way of an abandoned mobile phone in a bin and she snags it, only to find it is actually the property of the PA to Sam Roxton of White Globe Consulting – said  PA having gone off to pursue modelling in a blinding flash. The only problem is, by the time Sam realises Poppy has the phone, she has already given out the number to everyone. She just can’t give it back. So begins an amusing tale of sharing an inbox, which let’s face it, is rather intimate in this day and age. After all, would you like your partner to see everything in your emails and text messages, let alone a perfect stranger?

Poppy starts to amuse herself by replying to emails as if she was Sam, and sets off several potentially embarrassing events that Sam has to deal with. Additionally, she is caught up in wedding preparations and there is still no sign of the ring. In ever-increasing panic, Poppy starts to confide in Sam (because she can’t confide in Magnus, of course) and surprisingly he offers her the best advice of anyone. It’s not until Sam is embroiled in a scandal involving his company’s founder that Poppy realises she can return Sam’s help and in so doing she finds the courage to take his advice in her own life as well.

Available now: Random House RRP$32.95


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