Book Review: Kill Alex Cross, James Patterson

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There comes a time in any detective’s life when he (or she) just wants to protect their own family. In Kill Alex Cross, James Patterson’s latest Alex Cross novel, the title character may have reached that point a long time ago. So when the President’s children go missing from school, Alex has no choice but to pursue the case. Put together with his own history in resolving kidnapping cases, he is a shoe-in for the role of primary investigator, which is why the First Lady requests his attention, personally.

However there are bigger things at stake as he soon finds out. For at the same time, there is an unprecedented attack on Washington DC’s water supply, an attack that can only be put down to terrorism. Are the two cases linked? Everyone from the President on down seems to think so, and so for Alex, whose primary goal is to rescue the children alive, the wheels of State grind slowly as he is hindered (so it seems to him) by the FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, Secret Service, and anyone else who has a stake in the future of America.

As you can expect from James Patterson, this is a thrill-ride and you never are quite sure where the next turn will take you. What is more scary is that the terrorist characters are portrayed absolutely vividly, their idealism and what they are willing to do for their cause is terrifying. This is quite apart from the emotions aroused by the concept of children being kidnapped, hidden away, with no clues as to where or why, and no ransom demands. Alex Cross is at his wits’ end and quite soon he also reaches the end of his legal right to act. With nothing left to try, and what may be nothing left to lose, he turns to his friends Mahoney and Sampson to help him pull this one off.

Once again, James Patterson has delivered a fast-paced thriller in Kill Alex Cross and it would not be surprising if you had to stay up all night to finish this one off.

Available now: Random House RRP$32.95


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