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One of Australia\’s best known accessories brands, Oroton, has branched out into fragrances, with the release of it’s Eau de Toilette collection. The Oroton fragrance collection includes three fragrances for women and one for men. Each of the four fragrances were designed as understated sensory layers, which capture the essence of the Orton man or woman. The fragrances were developed with renowned French Oil House Givaudan using a palette of fresh fruits and floral essences, in keeping with Oroton\’s relaxed luxury philosophy.

Colour, which has always been at the start of Creative Director Ana Maria Escobar\’s design process was the inspiration behind the Spanish names given to each fragrance. This library of scents evokes a feeling of everyday luxury and encourages the self-expression of four different personalities and emotions.

Verde, the Spanish word for green, is a fresh, fruity scent perfect for everyday wear. On first spray, the scent is very peppery, smells of fresh green leaves and fruit. The top notes are listed as Frangipani and Apple. The heart of the fragrance is musk which balances out the strong pepper smell.

Narnaja, Spanish for Orange, is a fun, sultry scent reminiscent of summer days. The sweet grapefruit in the scent is the zesty top note, with scents of amber and vanilla giving the scent a creamy base.

Rosado, Spanish for Pink, is an intense feminine floral. The top notes of sweet melon, jasmine, rose and violet give the scent a juicy start. The heart of the scent is made up of a light floral powdery scent, offset by the base note of cedar wood.

Azul, the men’s fragrance captures the essense of the Oroton man with tis fresh and aromatic lemon tea essence blended with notes of Cedarwood, Jasmine and Patchouli.

The Fragrances are available in 100ml bottles RRP$75 ea and are available now in Oroton stores and online at Oroton.com.

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