Demi Moore Overphotoshopped & Unrecognisable for Helena Rubinstein’s 2012 Campaign

| 20 March , 2012 | Reply

Demi Moore is the face of Helena Rubinstein and here’s our first look at her 2012 campaign and they couldn’t be more photoshopped if they tried.  It’s been a tough time for Demi of late but did they need to photoshop her this much?  As Daily Mail reports: “the 49-year-old star is all but unrecognisable. In her place is a bleached, smooth, line-free version of Demi that looks more like a computer generated fembot than the familiar Hollywood actress with five decades under her belt.”

Why do they do this? It’s easy to put a photo side-by-side to show the difference like Daily Mail have done. Now this is the focus on the story rather than the products or the brand!

What do you think?

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