Eva Longoria Launching Second Fragrance, EVAmour by Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria is launching her second fragrance, EVAmour by Eva Longoria, a lighter and fresher floral fruity musk fragrance to her 2009 debut fragrance, Eva Longoria shares WWD:

“You have different fragrances for different moods,” said Longoria, speaking last week between scenes on the set of “Desperate Housewives.” “If you are feeling seductive and sophisticated, wanting to go out and make a bolder statement, you wear the second one. If you are working around other people in an office, the first one might be more appropriate.”


Her first fragrance came about because of allergies and she ‘selfishly’ wanted to create a fragrance she could wear:

“I\’m not used to something that is so layered, and the second one is pretty layered with some pink lady apple and red currant. The first fragrance is a little simpler,” said Longoria. “It is like when you start drinking wine. I started with white wine and have gone into the more complex, red wine. I am taking baby steps into the more complex notes.”

The red colored bottle represents what she stands for in terms of women, power and amour. It all ties back to who she is.  And just so that we know the differences between Eva and Gabrielle:

“I\’m the exact opposite of Gabrielle,” she revealed. “They expect to see some man-eating, crazy person, but they will see the real me.”

Will keep you posted if it’s going to hit Aussie shores.

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