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Seizure is the second novel in the Virals series by Kathy Reichs. Picking up a couple of months after Virals, the pack are still coping with their transformation and trying to get control over their flares. But then Tory receives some news that could permanently separate her from her friends: Loggerhead Island is going to be sold. And the only way to save it, and their parent\’s jobs, is lots of money.

Tory comes up with a plan to find the money, now all she needs is for the others to agree. But really, what could be better than a pirate\’s treasure?

In Virals, I found myself getting distracted by the constant stream of fragmented sentences, but in Seizure I can truthfully say I didn\’t notice them. Whether the writing had grown or there were just less fragments, it didn\’t matter. I was so immersed in the fast pace of the story that I paid absolutely no attention to the writing style.

Instead, I was frantically following the pack around as they went on adventure after adventure: stealing a map from the museum, finding a secret tunnel, getting chased by bad guys and looking for pirate\’s treasure. Tory and the Virals proved that nothing was out of bounds, not when it meant saving their home, the wildlife of Loggerhead Island and keeping their pack together.

Reichs has managed to create some very memorable characters. Tory with her driven attitude and the hilarious Hi; I found myself laughing at everything he said. His drama and flair for being over the top helped to balance out the hectic pace of the plot and add some comedy in the midst of danger. It was also great to see Shelton come out of his shell. I felt he got a little overlooked in the first book, but in Seizure he really came to life, as did Ben. And of course there was the subtle hint of a possible future romance.

One of the things I liked about the Virals series was the fact that there wasn\’t a romance straight off and the characters weren\’t all consumed in one another. They had their own quirks, personalities and lives, and if something does happen to blossom later between Tory and one of the boys, then it will feel more natural than the ‘instant connections\’ often found in YA—plus it keeps the readers hooked.

Seizure is one those books that would fit nicely on everyone\’s shelf. I know there was a gaping hole in mine for something like this: adventure, mystery and a thrilling treasure hunt. The first book in the Virals series may have captured my interest, but Seizure definitely secured it. I can\’t wait to see what Reichs comes up with next.

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Available now: Random House RRP$24.95


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