Film Review: Wrath of the Titans

| 30 March , 2012 | Reply

Directed by: Jonathan Liebesman
Starring: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Rosamund Pike, Bill Nighy
Sassi\’s Star Rating: 3.5/5

Jonathan Liebesman\’s follow up to Clash of the Titans, the Wrath of the Titans offers more of the same heroics from the Gods and Demi-Gods that grace the big screen in more ways than one. Our very own, ‘man of the moment\’ Sam Worthington reprises his role as Perseus, the half God, son of Zeus. He defeated the cracken before and now he is called upon again to fight another enemy that threatens the universe. Zeus (Neeson) and Hades (Fiennes) the duelling brothers are back to battle it out again. Is it just me, or are they perfectly cast? If I was to get a couple of actors mixed up sometimes, it would be Neeson and Fiennes, so that are well placed as brothers in these films.

It would seem that even the Gods are dramatic and just like us mere mortals, have their differences. They are constantly looking for new ways to take over the world and gain control of the most magical powers in this action packed fantasy. Our brave souls must venture into the underworld to rescue Zeus who has been captured by his brother in a bid to steal his power and release the ancient Titans to rule the world.

Andromeda (Pike) is a fierce warrior queen leading her army to support Perseus\’ battle but does she hold a candle for our lovely Sam? Who wouldn\’t? He is a shining star in Hollywood right now and aren\’t we all proud. He is rumoured to be involved in a new mockumentry with Sophie Monk which will be a far cry from his heroics on screen.

This jam packed 3D adventure has to be one of the best in the world of 3D right now! Seriously packing a punch with massive screen effects and harking back to the earlier 3D films of the 80\’s, there are literally times where you feel like some of the Titans are really jumping out of the screen. I was a jumpy companion throughout this one but enjoyed the process. The storyline, much like the Clash of the Titans is not as tight as it could be, however, the effects are absolutely superb. Bill Nighy has a cameo role and brings his usual blend of hilarity which is always great to see.

Girls, get your bf or other half to feel the wrath! Beats the cracken anyday!

In cinemas now.


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