Film Event + Interview with Jon Landau About the Re-Release of Titanic in 3D

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Jon Landau, producer of Titanic and Avatar, took to the Sydney stage recently to usher in the mighty Titanic. It has been thirteen years since his Oscar winning movie hit the screens, but with new technology and the 100th anniversary of the ship\’s maiden voyage approaching, Titanic is once again docking at the theatres, this time, in 3D.  Guests were treated to 40 minutes of selected footage, under the guidance of the charismatic Landau .

Landau\’s face lit up as he talked about the movie experience, and his love of creating films that ignite a strong reaction that people desire to share. Though most readers have seen the original, Landau stresses that Titanic 3D is a very different experience. ‘It\’s not a re-release, it\’s a new release.\’

The budget certainly makes one agree. It took $18 million USD, and 60 weeks of frame by frame editing to bring Titanic to this new medium. Recently, Landau showed the film\’s new version to Leonardo DiCaprio. Once Leo got over how different he looked back then, he became absorbed in the film as if watching it for the first time.

Skeptics will be pleased with the film\’s rendition. The conversion was done without the typical, cheesy flying objects desperate to distract viewers with special effects. Instead, and done rather remarkably, the quality of each scene was ‘simply\’ enhanced.

To Landau, this makes intimate scenes, like his favorite when Leo tells Kate, ‘They\’ve got you in a glass jar like some butterfly . . . ,\’ more intense. Dramatic scenes take on more energy, as viewers feel drawn into the stunning cinematography. While this may be embarrassing during the steamy car scene, it does bring the characters\’ reactions more to life.

3D is an exciting effect for most of the film, but during the sinking of the ship, viewers will be looking desperately around their seats for a lifeboat. This isn\’t due to the movie, Titanic 3D is spectacularly done, but the effect of 3D is to get the viewer on board, and when the Titanic\’s sinking, you instinctively don\’t want to be there. Stay seated, don\’t rock the boat, and you will be treated to an experience worth the drive to the theatre.

After our viewing, Landau was generous enough to introduce the crowd to his golden friend, Oscar. A long line of eager fans quickly formed, and Landau treated everyone with the same enthusiasm as they got a chance to hold the surprisingly heavy award for a photograph.

It\’s easy to see why Landau is a big time producer; he has the energy and fervor to see these mammoth projects through to the end, and it was an honour to meet him. Titanic 3D brings the ship to the big screen for a new generation, and for those that have seen the original, there is only one question:

As Lovett asks Rose in the movie, ‘Are you ready to go back to Titanic?\’  If you\’re looking for a fresh view of a well-known film, then yes, you most certainly are.

Titanic 3D is in cinemas on April 5th.


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