We Chat on the Red Carpet with Zac Efron for The World Premiere of The Lucky One

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Blue eyes and a calm smile shined in a sea of chaos; a screaming, girly mass, of chaos. Zac Efron (wearing Calvin Klein) returned to Australia to attend the world premiere of The Lucky One at Event Cinemas, Westfield in Bondi Junction, last night (April 9th) and for this handsome movie star, excitable fans were not in short supply and we were on the red carpet to chat to the star.

Zac was gracious. With an unwavering smile, he moved down the long line of admirers, signing autographs, shaking hands, and making this the best moment of many fans\’ lives. While Zac was busy with the crowd, director Scott Hicks stopped by and we couldn\’t help asking him a few questions.

What was it like working with Efron?

‘He\’s an absolute delight, he acts extremely professional, . . . the extraordinary thing is he seems so nice and frankly, he is,\’ Hicks laughs, ‘either that or he\’s an even better actor than I thought . . . \’

Was it your idea to premiere in Australia?

“Yes, I asked Warner Brothers if we could open in Australia and they said absolutely. So, this is this is the first film I\’ve ever premiered in Sydney so I\’m happy to do it.”

Many wonder if there were changes between the book and film.

‘ . . . there always are when you adapt a book for the screen . . . but I think Nicholas Sparks\’ stories have a way of connecting with peoples\’ emotions and feelings and I\’ve tried to keep the film true to that.\’

With the need of several tissues during the movie, we can\’t help but agree.

Hicks moved on and Zac Efron stood before me. Zac smiled, shook my hand, and I asked him what at the time I thought was a very appropriate question.

Do you want some earplugs?

Zac gives a good-natured laugh, ‘Yeah, yeah I do.\’

How was working with the cast?

‘It was incredible.\’

In The Lucky One, Efron\’s character bonds with the young boy Ben, played by Riley Thomas Stewart. There are many lovely shots of them playing chess, and a heartwarming scene of them performing a duet in church.

How was it working with Riley? He\’s so cute.

‘Riley is amazing. He\’s the nicest young man in the world, I was so impressed . . . he brought such goodwill to the set, he made everything brighter, everything more fun. Very much like his part in the film.\’

In the movie Riley shows Efron some dance moves while his beautiful mother (played by Taylor Schilling) looks on.

I like the dance moves, they were very good.

Zach gives a shy smile. ‘Thank you.\’

In the film, he plays a returned soldier that has issues expressing himself as he falls in love with Schilling.

What drew you to the role?

‘A lot of things, I love the sourced material . . . I really looked forward to working with Scott . . . the character was very different from who I am personally so I knew it was going be a stretch, knew it would be a challenge.\’

Well, it was a challenge that Zac aptly met with his usual grace. He shines in The Lucky One and Efron fans won\’t be disappointed.

The Lucky One hits cinemas April 19th and our review will be up next week!

Photography Dave Petranker


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