Film Review: Battleship

| 12 April , 2012 | Reply

Directed by: Peter Berg
Starring: Rihanna, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson
Sassi\’s Star Rating: 2.5/5

Set in the present, Battleship takes us through an Alien invasion uniquely set on the water. After discovering that there could be another ‘earth-like\’ planet, the world\’s experts decide to send out a signal to see if there is life ‘out there\’. The answer comes crashing back when they least expect it. It\’s all hands on deck when Navy crews get separated during a mock sea battle and have to make some tough decisions. Kitsch stars as Alex Hopper, a dysfunctional officer making wrong decisions whenever he can, who is thrust into the spotlight to assist in ‘saving the world. Don\’t we just love that?

Rihanna\’s debut film has her sporting the navy uniform in a tough girl role as Raikes. She makes a splash in this one with a significant part which she only accepted because she said she “felt comfortable and safe with Peter Berg”, the Director. She was also attracted to the role because it is so different from who she is – watch out for this smart talking Raikes who even gets a bit bloody!

Berg, an actor himself, carefully selected his cast to appear in this high action film. He even got Liam Neeson on board as Admiral Shane, the father of the gorgeous Brooklyn Decker playing Samantha (the love interest of our main character) who managed to look beautiful and windswept in every scene. It is a departure for Neeson in this role as a sort of ‘guest\’ appearance. In fact, many of the actors seemed like guests in their own film as the storyline felt disjointed and not as clear as it could have been.

If you\’re looking for cheese, you will find it choc full here. However, the special effects are brilliant and the Alien life forms are super interesting along with some intense autobot-like spacecrafts. Watch for the actual game of Battleship appearing on screen played out for all of us to see, just like we did as kids!

Battleship is raging in cinemas now.


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