Book Review: Dead Actually, Kaz Delaney

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JoJo, the cool queen of mean at Ruth Throsby Private High School is dead, her car wrapped around a tree. And Willow Cartwright who had been working her charity shift at the drive-through was the last person to see her alive. The tragedy causes unexpected reactions amongst the Angels, JoJo\’s group of designer-label obsessed acolytes and a ripple effect through the glitzy mansions that line the Gold Coast canals. Not quite mourning, more like fear. This is how Kaz Delaney\’s book Dead, Actually begins.

Then life gets stranger yet. Willow Cartwright, D-lister, suddenly finds herself in great demand with the A-listers. Worse, she finds herself captive to the greatest A-lister of all, the spiteful ghost of dead JoJo who, for reasons yet to be revealed, has chosen Willow\’s bedroom to hang out in.

It all seems to be connected to JoJo\’s phone. Or rather, the information that might still be contained in the phone. Everybody is looking for it and everybody seems to think that Willow has it. The fractures appear as JoJo\’s group starts tearing itself apart and suspicion falls every which way. Who\’s really behind the messages from JoJo? Who has the most to lose? Will Willow ever get rid of her unwanted room-mate?

As if that were not enough, Willow has serious problems on the home front to contend with. Her rock-and-roll parents, who have far too much money for their addled brains to deal with, have taken up God in a big way. Religion comes in the dazzling form of Slimy Simon, the young American evangelist who seems to have special plans for her family\’s wealth. Luckily, Willow has two allies, her friend Macey and Macey\’s gorgeous brother, Seth . . .

Kaz Delaney\’s book Dead, Actually is young adult chick-lit crime actually; a fun light read about keeping up with labels, the social disgrace of being last season or sporting a designer knock-off copy. With a bit of blackmail thrown in. It\’s a world of glitzy glamour and vapid celebrity, silicone and bitchiness. High school style.

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$17.99


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